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  • joannabanana - I've been following your tea tree oil and jojoba routine for a few months now. I saw you mention it in an old thread and I love it! It has made all the difference in my skin too :) Thank you! I also use coconut oil as my general body …
  • For breakfast lately I've been eating 2 bananas, slightly mashed, topped with hempseeds and cinnamon. Yum!
  • I just made the Butternut Squash Con Agli Olio last night http://goneraw.com/node/9813 so good!
  • I recently watched a video from Kevin Gianni about toothsoap and I'm also curious to give it a try. I posted links to a couple of videos below (I can't remember which one talks about the toothsoap) and below the video there's a link to some toothsoa…
  • In looking at Ray's profile on here there's a link to a website he and Kandace run. It has their contact info there: http://needmoredesigns.com/about
  • Hey Nyahz, the almonds are great! So far I've munched on a few plain but have mainly used them for a raw raspberry cheesecake :) YUM. I plan on making some almond milk this weekend. I will definitely order from them again. They included a coupon for…
    in Almonds??? Comment by brownie
  • I just received my first order of almonds from a place I actually found through Facebook. A friend became a fan so I checked them out. They are raw and unpastueurized and right now they have free shipping for orders over $20. I believe its $4.49 per…
    in Almonds??? Comment by brownie
  • I have absolutely noticed the same thing. I have also found that when I do feel hungry and have something to eat, the amount of what I am eating has dramatically decreased. For dinner I will usually make a ginormous salad with spinach and all sorts …
  • I have been about 95% raw for almost 4 months now. Before I was eating a high protein/low carb diet so my detoxing was pretty crazy at first. The biggest changes I have noticed are increased energy, weight loss and needing less sleep. My appetite is…
  • That's funny...I do sorta the same thing with my stove. My boyfriend made me a cutting board type of thing with legs on it to sit over my burners and it covers my entire stove. I have a counter top with shelves that I bought from Ikea and I've moved…
    in Day to Day Changes Comment by brownie
  • I tried to find them in my local health food stores and had the same problem. Then I read something by Carmella from The Sunny Raw Kitchen and she uses paint straining bags that you can find at a paint supply store or at Home Depot (I got mine at Ho…
  • You guys have motivated me to do this too! I started on Monday so today is only day 4. I've only been raw a couple of months and have never tried something like this so I wasn't sure what to expect. Other than feeling a little hungry yesterday I fee…