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  • Kandace’s hummus recipe NEVER fails to disappoint!!
    in #1 recipe Comment by ItGirl
  • I actually just had hearts of palm for the first time Saturday! It was in a salad at one of Nordstrom’s in-store restaurants (I was shopping). It was really good, although I thought at first they had left cheese in my salad!! That’s sort of what it …
    in hearts of palm Comment by ItGirl
  • I think it depends on your location. I live in FL, and the Winter Park Whole Foods as well as the Tampa Wild Oats has a good selection or raw foods, like salsa, guac, & flax crackers. They even had raw brownies & cookies, too.
    in Whole Foods stores Comment by ItGirl
  • I’m a little paranoid about the sugar in bananas as well, but it’s natural sugar….Mother Nature’s little energy boost! If you want an alternative to use in smoothies, try substituting pears. I’m extremely active, but I still only eat about 1-2 a d…
  • I agree with Elizabeth…even though I’m allergic to all nuts. :( Where’s the outrage? Smoking is a horrid habit. I tried it a few times out of teenage rebellion, but have long since learned my lesson. (It also helps to have a mom who is a respirator…
    in smoking Comment by ItGirl
  • Hmm…I’ve never tried to make raw humus w/chickpeas…I haven’t heard very good things about it. However, (yes, there is a “however”!) Kandace’s zucchini hummus is to LIVE for! It’s quite addictive, actually. I just made some now, using 1 zucchini (al…
    in hummus Comment by ItGirl
  • I start off every day w/yoga in the morning, then 20 min. on a stationary bike, then I usually walk 6+ miles a day, usually 3 in the a.m. and 3 after dinner.
    in Yoga every day?? Comment by ItGirl
  • Yes—Grassroot is GREAT!! The food is fabulous & the people are wonderful! Small & home-y location, too.
  • Would the 4-tray dehydrator be too small? Even for 1 person?
    in Dehydrator Comment by ItGirl
  • Thanks, cannibal. A green smoothie fast sounds good….maybe I could even convince my mom to do it with me….
    in Juice Feasting Comment by ItGirl
  • I agree w/Angella…the things we DO eat that are cooked could in fact be a lot worse… (Like meat or dairy!!)
  • 100% vegan (also no refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils)... I eat about 75% raw each day… what cooked food I DO eat is usually Ezekiel 4:9 bread, brown rice crackers, or cooked veggies. I also eat Tropical Source dark choco…
  • A big HELLO from a fellow almost-completely-raw-college vegan!! =] Although I’m in FL…you know, the retirement state…lol
    in Vegan from Boston Comment by ItGirl
  • OMG That is FABULOUS!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face! =]
  • The link doesn’t work…
  • It’s a little hard to find the first time you go, but the site has directions, and there’s always MapQuest… It’s right on a street corner. Very home-feeling. =]
  • AleBrazil, how long does this take to work?? (Meaning, how long should I eat it before leaving for class in the morning?? =] )
  • Definitely extreme, Bluedolfin. Yo-yo dieting is so bad for the body, as well as the mind.
    in No weight loss? Comment by ItGirl
  • Also, Beyonce re-ganined her weight when she went off the cleanse, and then some! (But that’s to be expected when you’re SAD…) I hope I don’t lose any more weight! I’m 5’7” & 106 lbs.
    in No weight loss? Comment by ItGirl
  • I think I’m on this site more than MySpace… LOL =]
  • Zoe, I’m going from vegan to raw (read my profile), and the only cooked foods I eat are mainly brown rice or flax & millet crackers. Dave, I’ll definitely be in touch for those recipes!
    in Transitioning Foods Comment by ItGirl
  • That would be great! Thanks!
    in Transitioning Foods Comment by ItGirl
  • Swiss chard is really good.
  • Yeah, I picked some up today at Wild Oats! Thanks!
  • Do you order it online or pick it up from a health food store? I noticed a lot of teas use it as a base, but I was wondering if there are other preparations.
  • I’m a Christian as well! =]
  • LionMouse, Yes, there are different levels. And some people are only allergic to certain kinds of nuts. I’m also mildly allergic to wheat (which works out fine with raw food!).
    in Now what?? Comment by ItGirl
  • Mmm those sound amazing!
    in Now what?? Comment by ItGirl
  • SoCal, I’m already a vegan & have been for quite some time. I also never eat refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils. I’m maybe about 75% raw on a good day (but definitely in the process of making the full transition).
    in Now what?? Comment by ItGirl
  • Yeah, that would definitely help!
    in Now what?? Comment by ItGirl