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  • hi talena i just this….thought i’d share this: “due to not enough £££ i won’t be catching a plane to raw spirit festival to work as a volunteer…so i must hereby and forthwith and presently offer my ticket to a lucky one for a reasonable price. you w…
  • have you read CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD by neale donald walsch? all three books are definitely recommended if you are being hard on yourself in the name of god…
  • father ted- speed 3 :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74W7DsrK-eg
  • hi liz…be calm :) ok, this is only my experience if your body (they are wiser than our minds..know…and its a good idea to feel as if your body is your best friend ever!!!) isn’t giving you the hunger signals then it’s pretty safe to say that for tha…
    in confused! Comment by alisonwonderful
  • waow yeah that was such a mind altering film, have you had a peek at the website…tis fun. i’ve been getting into different people’s blogs..HARDCORE this week…like staying up all day and night cos i’m so excited at this information. well, anyway thes…
    in good news! Comment by alisonwonderful
  • anyone at all, step right up….
  • lol, your mum has to use the bathroom in LA? :P
  • apologies..my using the word afraid was something that i had held onto from many posts i’d read previously where people were overly worried. i guess i’m just getting used to the fact that everyone is experiencing this raw life differently and not ev…
  • i got it last year…. it’s magic! at the time i was new to the idea of eating raw vegan and lapped up all the information i could find..my only criticism would be that there are lots of parts i would edit differently (it’s a loooong film) but thats o…
  • i heard david wolfe say in an interview “honey is the most spiritual food”...
    in Honey Comment by alisonwonderful
  • tunacupcakes, the angels must have heard you ;) you got a solution!!
    in woohoo!! Comment by alisonwonderful
  • ahh just at the right time!!! i opened my email from matt monarch’s raw success and this is what it says: A friend of mine told me how they got over their acid reflux problem by using chia seeds. They would take about a tablespoon of unsoaked, dry c…
  • ohh i love nettle and mint tea it would be good in warmer weather… i always feel energised after drinking it, but cold!
  • have people who have never even met you before said ‘you’re too thin…’ and all the rest?? strange i’ve been eating so much since only eating raw and have lost over 2 stones in 3 months… was listening today to revell on rawkin radio with marcus rothk…
  • ha yes i love your positive change force at the country club!!! green smoothies always do it, i noticed that too…they rev it up even for the meat crowd. my friends’ son age 2 went crazy for my kale/honey/banana/hempseed smoothie aaand- when my siste…
  • ohhzoe… and deb, i’ll be there!
  • zooey glass….FRANNY AND ZOOEY???
  • hi adria, glad you’re here! sharing your love for david wolfe !!! just watching videos on the best day ever right now… your right on it…love the journey LOVE, jenny
  • isfp…excellent work, ocean lady
  • i’m reading the power of now, right now…getting into present moment living. i went onto jerseyshoregirl’s post about the meyer’s- briggs personality test, took the test, got ISFP and in the explanation of personality type was this “Focused on enjoyi…
  • maybe the guy just ate too many nuts that day :D
  • wednesday: water, 2 mugs nettle and mint tea, water, 1 pear, 1 clementine, green smoothie with live greens, water tbsp flax seeds, 1 orange, 1 kiwi, 1 cup of alfalfa&broccoli sprouts, 2 bananas. pieces of the raw chocolate co’s vanoffe: cacao bu…
  • today, tuesday: 2 mugs of nettle and mint tea, 28 oz water green smoothie with live greens, 1 apple, 1 blood orange, 2 bananas, heaped tbsp ground flax seeds, water, squeeze lemon, tsp honey 1 date 1 brazil nut 2 apples, goji berries tbsp pumpkin se…
  • day 78- 24 march 8am: nettle and mint tea 32oz water 2pm: 2 apples, 1tsp honey water 4pm: green smoothie with water, live greens, alfalfa and broccoli sprouts, 2 bananas, 1 orange, 1 mango, 1/2 a lemon, tsp honey 6pm: cacao latte with almond milk, 1…
  • yip i’m in
  • angie this new energy is so exciting… gotta love you all. everyone is so right about fat/sweet/salt for transition. if you’re dad loves guacamole then howabout this: avocado, sprouts, spring onions, tahini and tomatoes all mashed up in a bowl. somet…
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqGGspJie34&feat… david wolfe gets excited about garlic 6 minutes 59 seconds in!!
  • i’m on a gap year from uni…just working in the crocs shop til summer :/
  • haha i’d agree on the sodium..i did swf with celtic sea salt and one of my eyes swelled up with the same purpley tint to my skin.. went away within the day though and without knowing it i’ve been gorging on avocado ever since :) coinkydink
  • pear shaped