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  • Ive been through this for years just being Vegan let alone raw.. It is very sexy to me.. and they have NO CLUE how good it feels.. euphoria 24/7 whilst my co-workers pack on the pounds and slug around.. My friends dont really care or say much.. anyo…
  • im sure either the tootsie rolls or the dog treats have animal by-products
    in lame Comment by Plan B
  • I have a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Natural Groceries, and Wild Oats in a 15 minute drive from me.. Northeast Albuquerque treats me well!
    in woohoo!! Comment by Plan B
  • hmm.. no one knows of a good site.. i found a couple but nothing that verifies that its not pasterized..
  • sounds like you answered your own question. “also these nuts I have been getting are in their shell and I do have to shell them..so chances are they are raw?” i said becareful as they might not be raw
    in raw nuts Comment by Plan B
  • becareful with that.. and ask someone in the store that KNOWS what they are talking about.. FDA or USDA passed that all nuts in Califorina must be pasturerized BUT can keep the raw label on them.. if they are still in their shell.. chances are they …
    in raw nuts Comment by Plan B
  • I eat South Beach Diet TV dinners and strap the electrical abdomenal machine to me whilst watching Oprah. just kidding!.. i work out 6 days a week. 3 of those days is strictly weight training the other days are legs and swimming. When it starts to g…
  • Braggs Aminos is not raw.. but if you are not 100% then i dont see why not.. you can get it at albertsons (surprisngly), whole foods, health stores, etc
    in Braggs Amino Comment by Plan B
  • possibly there was something in the rice that did it too you.. i eat mostly raw daily and when i go out to eat a big meal like spicy Chana Masala i feel fine..
    in OUCH -- MY STOMACH! Comment by Plan B
  • Yes i avoid store bought sprouts and do it myself becuase im a do-it-yourself kinda guy really.. nothing against store bought as long as its organic. I do this: handful of mung, green lentils, red lentils and kamut in a big sprout jar.. they sprout …
    in mung bean sprouts Comment by Plan B
  • If you see my post about Smelling like herbs.. i think im in the same boat.. my body oder is stronger but not in a really bad way.. most health food stores do supply deos that have any of really bad stuff like aluminum and paraben.. some other stuff…
    in Body Odor - Detox? Comment by Plan B
  • That is not uncommon really.. infact (if im correct) they allow a certain amount of feces in food.. but i think its very small amount.. as well as insects and such. FDA or someone allows that in the states.. i mean they cant be 100% (which sucks) i …
  • I agree with Alix1962.. you never know.. often times when i label something ‘suspect’ it doesnt get eaten.. I forgot the brand name at Whole Foods that is raw/vegan.. but i will let you know.
  • Im not sure in the UK but i know in the states you can buy Nori from natural food stores that are vegan and raw. also they will tell you that on the label. now.. i wouldnt doubt that Sealife would be caught up in the mix with some Nori businesses. T…
  • If you ever been to Any Nguyen’s Vegetarian Resturant in Sacramento you will find there “salmon” to taste like fish.. when really its the nori that gives it that taste..
  • wow that is awesome.. what set of guidelines did you follow? do you have a site with a 30 day fasting map? let me know!
  • I use any of the following depending on the meal. dates, sprouted kamut, sprouted wheat berries, soaked flax seeds w/ goowy film like shgadwa said.. if you put them in the fridge it will thicken.
    in Thickening agents Comment by Plan B
  • i felt the same way about my carrots and ginger juicer drink.. but you usually get rid of what ever conditioning you may have that is stopping you.. like i use to hate veggies.. so becoming vegan was a challenge and now i love raw veggies.. wheat gr…
  • 123 can you tell us more about Spinach and oxalates.. i heard them and the nightshade family block the absorption of calcium.. thus stomping the popeye myth
    in A poo question Comment by Plan B
  • thank you all! then i will continue to regularly use them to see if it goes away…
  • hah nice one!.. i was thinking about how people that consume large amounts of Kim-chee (ms?) Their bodies tend to have a oder of it. I had to change the name of the topic as it sounded quite gross.. hah! does anyone else use fenugreek sprouts often?…
  • Perhaps its just me.. My girlfriend says it doesnt smell like masala.. but more like a mix of herbs.. its actually a pleasent smell but its not the same you know.. I do use sprouts as my main staple.. ive recently added fenugreek sprouts to the diet…
  • Ive had no temptations to eat SeaLIFE.. but i have craved others at one time.. now im just numb to it when i see co-workers eatting crap. its a phase you go through from the years of conditioning.. like Bluedofin says.. Seaweed works great!.. MAKE S…
    in Seafood cravings Comment by Plan B
  • Im currently working on a raw Chana Masala dish .. i will post a recipe once it is created!
  • Anyone live in Nor Cal? traveling down 5 to get to LA.. passing that MASSIVE Cow Factory Farm.. always reassures myself that im doing the right thing when i whent Vegan.. really sucks driving by that..
  • I feel you Pianissima.. i started using homemade beeswax and almond oil.. works great.. but i would love to venture from the beeswax. any suggestions?
  • yet he decides not to respond to my message.. mister mister.. my columns in my car are made of leather.. yet i dont eat or where anything of animal nor do i consume honey.. Am i truly a vegan? can i join your club? what are you prerequisites..
    in 100% Vegan? Comment by Plan B
  • i can only laugh at this.. why? for one.. most vehicles have leather whether you choose a cloth interior or not.. how about homes? fridge gasket liners? insulation? carpets? you cant tell me your still 100% vegan if you live in a home that is not 10…
    in 100% Vegan? Comment by Plan B