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  • Welcome back Johnny! I've been wondering how you have been doing & missed your positive perspective & good energy! Wind to your wings!
  • I have been transitioning to raw for a year now & was disappointed that I am not yet. Then I realized I had food habits/addictions I need to break & am concentrating on just becoming vegan (I come from a meat background) and will continue to…
    in having trouble Comment by drgonfly
  • Thanks Zemphira! I love dragonflies too & love the color purple & was glad when I found my avatar. I can handle the wind & snow, it is the rain that is hard to get out in. In fact, I've jogged in blizzards. I know some people think I'm n…
    in Treadmills Comment by drgonfly
  • Hi Zemphira. I started on a simple mid priced treadmill. For half a year I walked fast & then gradually went into jogging/running. I then started jogging outside, which I found I love, so I gave my treadmill away. I find when I am on vacation &a…
    in Treadmills Comment by drgonfly
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot even imagine the time you put in trying to fix this site in the past & then to totally redo it. Your dedication is amazing. I still think this is the best site even though it's messy while "under constru…
  • Oh, my thought also. But I have a feeling that will probably be coming.
  • THANK YOU Waterbaby 12347 for expressing what I have been thinking all along. We are such an instant society & expect it to be done NOW on OUR timetable. My goodness, Ray & Kandace do have a life outside of this website! I would just like to…
  • Welcome from another Wisconsonite! Where in Wisconsin are you from?
  • Wow Queenfluff, sorry you have to move back. Being from Wisconsin, my husband & I have taken that route out west, but not at this time of year. We are used to snow & storms, but the mountains can be terrible at this time of year. I guess I’d…
  • Regarding the test. It has some misleading information, which I’m sure some of you pointed out. I went thru part of it & stopped when it got to the sub chapter s corps paying 35% taxes, that is bull. I am an accountant who does taxes & that …
    in Barack Obama Test Comment by drgonfly
  • Hi alabastardragon, sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. I don’t always have the time to respond. Regarding your name, I was referring to your login name. I remembered a name wrong from a fantasy series I was reading, it was ancaladar who…
  • alabastardragon, I am still transitioning so don’t know how much help I will be, but here goes. I enjoy oat groats soaked for 12 hours & then add apples, fruit & eat that for breakfast (I jog in the morning). Right now I’m not eating the raw…
  • Thank you so much for sharing this greenghost. It certainly makes one think about the lopsided country we live in & labels we put on people. Very though provoking!
  • Oohh, that is good news! It’s about time they did something like this. Thank Chris!
    in News in US Comment by drgonfly
  • Queenfluff-luckily it only took about an hour to download. Living out in the middle of no where can have it’s drawbacks (I have to drive 1/2 a mile to have our cell phone work!), but wouldn’t trade it for anything. We are expecting DSL in our area n…
    in web page color? Comment by drgonfly
  • Ok, well I am downloading firefox on my home computer, won’t be able to do it at work, so will just be stuck with forums that way. Because I have dial up it says it’s going to take 2 hours. So I’m going to jog & get my day started. Hopefully it …
    in web page color? Comment by drgonfly
  • Hey thanks greenghost! My husband & I love dragonflies & when we tried to get our email address this came the closest. We have a dream of some day in the future doing crafts involving them. Don’t know if it will ever become a reality, but it…
    in Super Chicken Comment by drgonfly
  • Wow, both excellant articles Caleb! I love how the first one stated cloned food is safe because the FDA says so…Right! After all, the goverment knows best LOL! I think the 2nd article really put it in plain english why you shouldn’t go messing aroun…
    in Super Chicken Comment by drgonfly
  • Yes, my forums is still wacko. It would be nice to be able to get the search back as it is totaly gone.
  • Yes, that’s exactly how mine is too. Thanks for explaining it more fully emtpdmom! Every other page is fine. And I use internet explorer too at work & home & they are both that way & different internet explorer versions. Both windows xp …
  • Oh boy Ray, you are talking to a totaly non computer person. I use yahoo as my search & home, is that what you mean?
  • Yes, my forum page is wacky too. There is no search & it is all spread out. I would guess it’s being worked on?
  • dreaminraw, that’s how I read them. Especially before a movie comes out I’ll go thru the whole series again up to the book that’s out. Yes, I loved LOTR soundtrack too. I have the cd’s.
    in Potter Fans? Comment by drgonfly
  • I totaly agree grsshopper on the Eragon movie. They totaly blew a good book. It seemed as if the producer hadn’t even read it! Hugely dissappointed.
    in Potter Fans? Comment by drgonfly
  • Finally got a chance to response. I love Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings. When new books came out I made vague comments to my husband (he’s not a reader) such as you won’t believe what they did! Or you’ll be sure to find out things in the next …
    in Potter Fans? Comment by drgonfly
  • Yes, thank you for your hard work in keeping this the best raw site!
  • No Gear Shifter, you’re not weird. That’s exactly how I eat. I love to be able to just eat whenever I’m hungry and not gain weight. Not like any diet I’ve been on in the past. I have no clue how many calories. That’s what I love about being raw, bes…
    in 1200 calories. Comment by drgonfly
  • I always wondered why the USA didn’t get those options when I heard about the great gas mileage overseas cars got. We bought our car based on gas mileage (gets 30-32 hwy) and because it is mid-size (Chevy Impala) to get thru the snow in the winter w…
    in cars.... Comment by drgonfly
  • Blue_Eyes: May peace be with your & your family. My father passes away almost 11 years ago & there are times when it seems like yesterday. May your memories bring joy in the future.
  • Thank you so much Ray & Kandace! I don’t know where I’d be in my raw lifestyle if it wasn’t for this site. Your hard work & care for this raw community it so appreciated! Wind to your wings!