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  • Thanks all for sharing your words and thoughts. Upon research Ive read that powder is by far the best option as far as probiotics are concerned. I make and drink my own kombucha as well as kimchi and sauerkraut. I try and eat fermented foods as much…
    in Probiotics Comment by Ofaniel7
  • I havent met any lgbt in my raw adventures as a matter of fact most of the raw foodists I meet tend to be older. I havent really met many only when Im visiting a health food store or Raw restaurant....Mersey, I checked out the giveittomeraw but your…
    in LGBT raw foodies Comment by Ofaniel7
  • I made a robot costume...pics coming soon.
  • mmmm thanks for the idea, I kinda want to make one now as a test just so I can eat it. Id never been to that website either, Ive been raw for 2 months now, and am having fun experimenting with recipes. I dont have a Dehydrator yet but plan on gettin…
    in Raw Thanksgiving Comment by Ofaniel7
  • I agree, soy = bad....I much prefer some yummy Almond Milk whenever a milk is needed. I also like Hemp Milk for smoothies and such. Although Ive never made my own, only Almond or Cashew Milk. hhhhmmmmmm
    in Raw Soy Milk? Comment by Ofaniel7
  • Dream, what kind of fast you on? My Raw adventure started after a fast actually, I do the Master Cleanse every year and this year decided to do seasonal cleansing. After my Summer to Fall cleanse I thought I would eat raw for a bit to ease back into…
    in Lemon Bars Comment by Ofaniel7
  • So I experimented and have to say I was quite happy with the results...you know youve made something good when youre licking the processor bowling clean, hahahaha. Kept it real simple, was delicious!!!! For filling: macadamias lemon juice lime juice…
    in Lemon Bars Comment by Ofaniel7
  • Hey Chanie, They are, Im addicted to them, and the best part is they take 5 minutes to make. Udo's Oil is an Omega Fatty Acids oil blend, Ive taken it as a daily supplement for years, I love it. You can mix it to a smoothie, salad dressing, desserts…
  • Carrot Cake Muffins, easy peasy 1,2,3 Raw Carrot Cake 1/2 cup walnuts 1/2 cup raisins 1 cup carrot pulp (2 large carrots) 1/4 cup shredded coconut 1tsp Udo
  • never just randomly, always at a restaurant or a health food store. And rarely my age, usually older. I did meet a really cute one on a recent road trip (Driving through Madison, WI.) There's a great Co op there in case you ever find yourself in Mad…
  • Hey all, Just wanted to comment on Karyns. Ive eaten there on several occasions and have nothing but nice positive tings to say. I have on several occasions taken my 7 yr old nephew and have never had a problem. I too try and expose him to as much v…
    in KARYN'S RAW Comment by Ofaniel7
  • Breakfast Sprouted apple cinnamon oatmeal Snack Cocoa Mole Date, Cashew Bar Lunch Cauliflower Mash Potato's with a Mushroom Gray and a nice sized salad with Cesar Dressing Snack Banana Dinner Stuffed Yellow Pepper: Stuffed with Almond Curry which I …
  • Hey Kitty, OMG, Karyns is great, I highly recommend you go to their Sunday Brunch, its a great way to taste test a lot of items from their menu. Its all you can eat and Im sure even your husband will find something he likes. I hear ya on the expensi…
    in New to Raw!? Comment by Ofaniel7
  • Hello Raw World out there, This is so cool, having a place to talk, interact & question with like minded people. Im a 32 male whos been vegetarian for 17 years, 100% vegan for the last 5 yrs and now for my latest evolution I've officially been 1…
    in New to Raw!? Comment by Ofaniel7
  • 31 and having fun...
    in How old are you? Comment by Ofaniel7
  • Just moved to sunny Miami, FL. Any Raw friends?