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  • SimplyRaw~ I tried the ranch last night and it made my salad a blissful experience. I love how tangy it is! Great mayo substitute. And that Sunny Raw blog is so inspirational I might never need to buy an uncook book again!
  • sounds great. I would probably substitute half the pine nuts for macadamia nuts. I have a sensitivity to pine nuts if I overdo it.
  • what hummus recipe do you use? that sounds like a nice substitute for sandwiches and wraps.
  • That sounds great, dafodil. I agree with iheartveggies, it's risky to use so many almonds if you haven't tried it before. Maybe substitute with cashews?
  • surely there must be someone from the Reno area here. . . I hope. Forgot to mention: you can check out his website at Ecopolitan.com
  • It feels like a shame not to eat the avocado instead :)
    in Really Dry Skin Comment by Lauroli
  • Wow! Thanks for all the ideas guys! I love how supportive this community is. I will show this thread to my bf when I get home. :)
    in Really Dry Skin Comment by Lauroli
  • simplyraw~ thank you! Because it is a private company, the Commission on Presidential Debates can get away with unfairly excluding third party candidates, even if they have the poll percentage required to secure them a spot in the debates. According…
  • lushpapaya~ the idea that Nader is “sucking” votes from Obama is absurd. It’s as if you feel Obama is the only one entitled to run in this race. By that logic you could say that Obama is “sucking” votes from Nader at an extremely unfair advantage. N…
  • I’m curious what people think of Yacon syrup. It is sooooooo delicious and I’ve heard it is close to 0 on the glycemic index.
  • RawKidChef~ You should take a look at the video I posted below. Nader explains exactly why he Gore lost his campaign. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV8shKupf2I
  • Kevlar~ You couldn’t be more right. Nader has done more for this country than either Obama or McCain. He has devoted his life to fighting for our environment, advocating consumer rights, and fighting against corporate power. And the idea that NADER …
  • Yay! Go Izhpt! More people need to have your spirit. I was just about to research how I can get involved in Nader’s campaign where I live in Reno. Go Grassroots! Go government by the people, for the people!
  • I like Obama better than that doddering old man, McCain too. BUT, both Obama and McCain support war. Obama thinks we need to redouble our efforts in Afghanistan and “crush” Bin Laden and I believe he mentioned Pakistan as a potential war ground as w…
  • RawKidChef: I tried to upload a new profile pic on Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer to no avail. I am using the latest version of Tiger, but I doubt that should affect anything. Seems more likely that something on this site’s end is wrong, sin…
  • thanks queenfluff~ I am going to try posting my pic on Safari and see if it works :)
  • troublesjustabubble:)do you have an apple or PC? I successfully posted the one I have up now at work, where I use a PC and I had no troubles.
  • troublesjustabubble:) that is really interesting. . . I would be thrilled if that would happen to me :)
  • i wonder what about raw would cause your chest size go up? Zoe~ how long were you raw before this happened?
  • mamamilk~ thank you for your kindness and concern. When I spoke with him yesterday he seemed to have a really good attitude about it and has been eating raw, organic veggies :D I’m so proud of him! I will know about his results either today or tomor…
  • itourist~ really interesting information, especially about the pancreatic enzymes. I am off to look more into this. How is your dad doing? If there is one thing this experience has made apparent it is that cancer touches the lives of almost everyone…
  • dodo~ thank you so much for your support, I really hope they caught it early. I wish you the best of luck with your MRI and it sounds to me like your intuition is telling you the right thing. Intuition is a lot wiser than reason. I will keep everyon…
  • Izhpt~ I am sorry to hear about your step-dad. If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of symptoms did your step-dad have and how early did they catch the cancer? My dad had experienced about a month of abnormally frequent urination before they caugh…
  • Wow:) It’s so beautiful how supportive this community is. Jellibi~ I was so touched by hearing about your dream, I started crying. I actually think that is the most helpful advice that someone can give. . . that which comes from their deepest intuit…
  • Kevlar~ thank you SO much for the info. I have taken notice of some of your earlier postings because of how interesting and well-researched your thoughts are. Intriguing about apple cores b/c i have heard that they are poisonous. Maybe this is why i…
  • DagnyTaggart~ Well said! I am sure there are PLENTY of other qualified financial experts that can brainstorm on our crappy economy without the help of McCain and Obama. Cancelling the debate is LUDICROUS. It just seems like McCain isn’t prepared.
  • Nagev, Thanks for reminding me about the love factor. It goes a long way in making a food healthful I think :)
    in Franken-Zucchini? Comment by Lauroli
  • Thanks for your support, you guys! It feels so good to speak with like-minded people when everyone around you thinks you are a circus freak for trying to be healthy. I will take your advice and just pawn it off on another co-worker right in front of…
    in Franken-Zucchini? Comment by Lauroli
  • I want to add that the weight gain is definitely from your inability to digest what you are eating. You want to get things in and out as smoothly as possible to lose weight.
    in please help! Comment by Lauroli
  • Hi ddreams79. . . sorry to hear about your problem. I noticed that after going more fully raw for about two weeks I had some mild gastrointestinal difficulties as well. Loose stool, gas, three days of no bowel movement. I was pretty upset. I consult…
    in please help! Comment by Lauroli