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  • any time:) smoothies and juices are the best for that
  • I think you're doing terrific. For only being in two months I'm amazed at how well you are doing with it, it can be pretty hard at first. Ive been raw for about 2 and 1/2 years and in my experience all those things like not using salt and olive oil …
  • Oh and for apple sauce I always did half a banana with 2 diced apples blended, sometimes id add honey and cinnamon. I like that better than the store's too.  
  • I almost always add spinach to my fruit smoothies. I also make a good tomato soup with 2 tomatoes, 2 chunk of sweet onion, splash of olive oil, and a little celtic ses salt. It's a great sauce too. For a savory soup I do 2 tomatoes, 1 avocado, chunk…
  • when i started i pretty much just ate straight fruits. apples, oranges, bananas, im two years in and it took that long to get here but now I love it. time does things to you lol
  • For school lunches I usually make my favorite salad, spinach, onions tomatoes and cucumber cut into strips with and avocado and celtic sea salt dressing. I pack the salad separate form the dressing and mix it in at school. I also like shredded bruss…
  • My dad. I love him so much but his weight and how much he eats scares me. He wants to eat better but he says nothing works for him. Talking too him doesn't usually do much, I don't think he understands how scared I am. I do talk to him though and pr…
  • I get that quite a bit, seeing messages incoded in things. im not sure if thats bcuz of raw or just me growing spiritually, i tend to think the later. it makes you wonder if the people actually intended that to be their message or if our minds just …
  • my hands and legs get REALLY dry and flakey in the winter. Nothing has ever worked for me except olive/coconut oil, and tonya zavasta's Your Right To Be Beautiful Cream. Its pricey but so so worth it. i don't use any other hygiene products unless th…
  • Ive been recording what I eat. Here’s what i had a few days ago: 5:00 am- banana and pomegranate 10:35 am- apple 12:00 pm- pomegranate 4:25 pm- 1/4c macadamia nuts 4:45 pm green soup(2 1/2 tomatoes, 1 avocado, some onion, celtic sea salt, pepper, 1 …
  • luna blu, OCD is obsessive compulsive dissorder. It describes a person who gets really freaked about little things like a smudge on your shirt or something, it is usually just said as a joke.
  • Mine is more than just food, I have poems I've written, book reviews, recipes, etc. I'd love for you guys to check it out: http://kaitlynmarie.webs.com/recipesfortheheart.htm
  • Many seeds contain cyanide but you can still consume them because they are counteracted by another substance in the seeds. Just like the two elements that make water can cause fires but mixing them together can create a substance that will put out f…
  • I know what you mean. We have thousands of gnats in our house who won’t leave.
  • My Mixed Berry Sherbert is a great recipe using almond pulp.
  • I used to have migranes every month and head aches every day for no reason at all.I practically lived off advil.Since 100% I now never even get occasional head aches.
  • I lost 58 lbs in about 4 months. My Body stopped losing wait as soon as I was at the weight range I wanted. Go figure.
  • Find my Mixed Berry Sherbert Recipe for a great use of Almond Meal.