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  • Wow! I never realized I’m member # 492!!
  • I was googling pineapple smoothie recipes, and found a smoothie recipe on here!! I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a raw diet until I found this website!!
  • we get jicama from our local hispanic store, that’s the only place we’ve ever gotten it except for wal-mart. I have a big weakness for rice too!! rice with soy sauce is my biggest weakness.
  • Newbie, hahahaha!! Honestly I found this kind of disturbing.:(
  • Thanks!!! I love stuff like this!!!
  • I wear glasses for reading, but I haven’t really noticed any changes in my eyesight. My mom also wears glasses for reading, and she says that when she eats more raw she can read without her glasses, but when she eats more cooked she has to use her g…
  • Wow, everyone has such cute pets!!! lalala, a friend of my family has a dog that looks exactly like yours!! Luna Blu, I love the new picture!!!
  • Stylistchick, that is such a cute picture!! Luna Blu, I forgot I had a pic of our family dog. :) She’s an Australian Shepherd. You’re not freaking me out, I find most religions interesting;
  • She’s so beautiful!!
  • I agree with Jenergy, that part cracked me up!! :D I honestly have no clue if vegans are slow witted or not.
  • Happy Birthday rawclaire!! :)
    in Maca??? Comment by Eliana
  • I was going to ask the same thing a rawclaire. If maca tastes caramel/vanilla then I want some!! :) Rawclaire is today your birthday?
    in Maca??? Comment by Eliana
  • This is a great topic. I’ll start Monday.
    in What are you eating Comment by Eliana
  • Rawclaire, I’m the same age as you, except my birthday’s 2 months after your birthday.
    in What do you do? Comment by Eliana
  • I’m homeschooled too rawclaire!!
    in What do you do? Comment by Eliana
  • Luna blu, I know what you feel like now, it snowed last night!!! Happy (late) anniversary doubleDlittleZ!!
    in Vernal Equinox Comment by Eliana
  • Arrgh, its the first day of spring and this morning I think it froze. :( But the sun’s coming out, maybe it will be a nice spring day!!! :) Happy SPRING everyone!!!!!!!!
    in Vernal Equinox Comment by Eliana
  • I would chew gum if I could, but I can’t because I have braces. :( Jenergy, I also am a nail biter, knuckle cracker, foot tapper, and knee jiggler! :)
    in gum Comment by Eliana
  • Thanks everyone for the replies!! I think I’m going to try miso soup today, then maybe try some of the other suggestions! Thanks!!!
    in Miso? Comment by Eliana
  • Well we have dark red miso, and its made out of soybeans. What we have is a paste and I don’t think its raw. Tomorrow I’ll try some! Thanks!!
    in Miso? Comment by Eliana
  • Thanks!! does it matter what color it is, or is it stronger when its darker?
    in Miso? Comment by Eliana
  • How do you make the soup, just put it in warm water? Thanks.
    in Miso? Comment by Eliana
  • Samilicious. that’s a bummer that you have to get a vaccine. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a shot in my life, except for once when I found out I was allergic to bees. :P
  • Thanks for the info kandace. What about tomatoes? I don’t see them on either list, are they somewhere in between?
    in Choosing Organic Comment by Eliana
  • I forgot to post mine. I have a couple of them, Losing your temper won’t rid you of it, Life gives you what you will accept, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and practice makes perfect.
    in What's YOUR Mantra? Comment by Eliana
  • I’ve been reading this thread, and all of you guys have great mantras! Samilicious, I used to watch Magic Schoolbus!! :D
    in What's YOUR Mantra? Comment by Eliana
  • I have only 1 problem. (I think) It’s the same as bluedolfin’s problem, the green and white reply to topic box comes up everytime I view a forum topic.
  • I’m 11, but I’ll be 12 in a few months, give or take a few days. I’m RawKarateGirl’s sister.
    in How old are you? Comment by Eliana
  • heather, I’m pretty sure that yams aren’t really supposed to be eaten raw, but you can eat sweet potatoes raw. the most disgusting thing i’ve ever had was brownie dough that had been in the fridge and the lid came off, it tasted like everything in…
  • saraw what part of washington state are you in? I’m from southwest washington state. thanks for sharing your story!