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  • Ouch… I suggest the colloidal silver as well. I use it in place of antibiotics. I find it expensive to buy but if you are able to make it then its cheap.Before we use the CS we always try kefir first(if your not too sick)). I use to make kefir with …
  • You could always dehydrate what you can’t use fresh. Homemade garlic powder…mmmmmm!
  • What is the difference between soaking and sprouting? Do you use an acid when soaking(ie..lemon juice).I haven’t sprouted anything yet but I have soaked with lemon juice. Will things still sprout if soaked? I think I just confused myself-lol.I guess…
  • I order the Nutiva from Amazon.com (grocery) and get it delivered for free if I get over $25 worth of specific products. It seems to melt easy for me. Love the smell and taste. Wish I could get homemade..mmmm. I use it as a oil and as a moisturizer.…
  • Where is the best place to get the real olives and what kind?
    in Newbie needs tips Comment by all4Him
  • What about carob?
  • Hi,I’m new to going raw but I do love ginger. A pear ginger smoothie sounds real good.I will have to try that in my vitamix. Mmmmm…
    in Craving GINGER?! Comment by all4Him
  • Does the Pau D’ Arco have a strong/or distinct flavor? Good, bad,or does it grow on you-lol I would like to try it and MACA in my kefir,strawberry,bee pollen,flax seed, and raw honey smoothie.
  • Wow, I have a long way to go! I am a newbie here. I am trying to learn more about raw foods and their preparations.I am not vegan but who knows later down the road.We don’t eat processed food in our home but we don’t eat enough raw! I hope to change…