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  • I think when transitioning it's good to make a list. First off, list good foods- that would be raw foods. Next, list not ideal foods, like steamed veggies, potatoes, next off, even less ideal foods, rice, spices, beans, then make a list of foods tha…
  • i've started making soups because i don't digest salads that well. i just made tomato, cucumber, celery, orange, cilantro soup. it's pretty yum and doesn't bother my tum.
  • you might see if you can take anything from here, even though its not about raw: http://www.helpforibs.com/diet/fiber1.asp http://www.helpforibs.com/diet/fiber2.asp
  • i eat tomato, celery, citrus and lettuce blended together and it digests fine. my prediction is you aren't getting enough soluble fiber... maybe
  • weakest link as in, what's the thing that is least healthy about your health regime. are you getting enough sleep? too much stress? toxic relationships? enough water? enough exercise? enough good air? whatever the weakest link in the "chain of healt…
  • watermelon island was good for my digestive system. examine what your "weakest link" is, and fix it. the saying "your only as good as you weakest link" is true, in my opinion. You could also do a consult with dr. graham.
  • I find that I have to blend bananas because for some reason i can't digest them unless theyr blended.
  • you might like rawfu.com The community there I think is more geared towards losing weight than some of the other forums. I think it's a great community and the support is pretty awesome. Don't forget to check in here though, because there are a lot …
  • people with health problems ESPECIALLY should really look into the 80/10/10 diet. hundreds if not thousands of people have cured all kinds of health problems. http://foodnsport.com/ more can be found at 30bananasaday.com
  • you could fast until you feel hungry again... that would definitely be ideal.
    in Hungry Comment by zinfandel
  • Also, this is the healthiest diet so it is worth the risk of a bit of weight gain to reach optimal health. I imagine any weight gain could just be for the transition period while you get used to eating only raw foods, and then the body would natural…
  • I think you should read The 80/10/10 Diet, it's the only raw book you will ever need, and the diet will turn you into an athlete as it has done to so many others. www.30bananasaday.com and http://rawnaturalhygiene.ning.com/ are 80/10/10 forums. Just…
  • My recommendation is to allow yourself a little wiggle room as you transition. Allow yourself to eat steamed vegetables every other day for grounding. Allow yourself to eat rice and steamed potatoes when you really have to. Once you allow yourself t…
  • I had a bloated belly and all kinds of stomach problems until I started doing the 811 diet. Now even after a huge meal my stomach looks pretty flat and normal. I'm pretty thankful about that.
  • The Dr. Mercola one doesn't look like it's vegan. It's probably not even vegetarian, which is ironic because it's marketed towards vegans and vegetarians. I don't trust people who are only trying to sell things, as it seems he is. I'm probably going…
    in b12 for ibs Comment by zinfandel
  • Keep it simple- fruits, salads
  • The 80/10/10 diet has improved my health a lot.
  • As long as you don't get a bloated tummy you should be ok just listening to your body. Some people have sensitive stomachs (like myself) and need to follow the rules or else they get uncomfortable. For me, meals should follow the following rules. 1.…
    in Food Combining Comment by zinfandel
  • It's not the fiber that's to blame. Check out the 811 diet, people on that diet eat 30+ bananas a day with no problems.
  • Sleep! :) After a while, salt will start to feel more like a punishment than a reward. Once your taste buds reset you will totally love saltless salads. It's crazy, but its really true. I feel so much better now that I don't use salt, clearer and cl…
    in Salt detox Comment by zinfandel
  • I wonder if binges spiral out of control because the longer one binges the more motivation one has to do raw after the binge. It's like, "If I dig this hole really deep I will want to try really hard to get out of it." Keep on the path it can take 2…
  • @luxdivon- my rosacea was caused by gluten, 3 days after i cut out all wheat and gluten it cleared up. you'll figure it out :)
  • You make your own rules, hunny ;) Seaweed and braggs aren't 811 though. It's the direction, not the speed that matters, wise words from Dr. G.
  • Greens are a good source of minerals. Listen to your body. Just so long as you avoid the fat, you'll still detox. I think as we transition our goal should be to be balanced, not to be superheros. :) AVL, you'll get to where you want to be soon, I kn…
  • @59sound- thank you daahlin' ;)
  • She did a melon Island, so a variety of melons throughout the time. To me, it goes to show that the human body is much stronger and more adaptable than the medical community wants us to think we are. She is in quite good health in my opinion for a 4…
  • Well, I did watermelon Island for 5 days and definitely noticed a difference in my digestion. I used to have a horrible digestive system, and it's taken about 8 months on 811 and several short visits to various islands and i feel my digestive system…
  • @AVL However much you want. Normally between 1 and 1.5. The point of an island is it gives your body a break from digesting complex combinations. Whenever your body has a break in digesting, it uses the extra energy to detox. I have experienced the …
  • Dr. Graham of the 801010 diet often puts people on an all banana diet for a week, then banana and greens for up to 3 weeks. I've done about a week of that, but found the most improvement in my digestive system when I did watermelon island. If waterm…