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  • i think it's best to avoid lots of salt and fat especially when eating cooked. if i were you i would do potatoes, rice, veggies, some beans if you feel is necessary. those should be your staple 30%. of course no one is perfect.
    in The Other 30% Comment by zinfandel
  • try youtubing jinjee. her labor was short and sweet when she was raw. when she had a cooked pregnancy it was many many hours. maybei f you feel so sick you shouldn't eat until you are hungry for raw food again.
  • @crispy pear- you could stop eating salads until you want them so much you don't want to use dressing! salads are good as is, now that my tastebuds have adjusted
  • cutting out salt has been wonderful for me. i feel so much clearer and cleaner, and i lost several pounds of water weight. also, my taste buds have rebuilt themselves and salads are now sufficienctly flavorful even without seasonings. i never want t…
  • from what i have heard, raw fooders don't have to worry much about omegas. often with nutrients,t he ratio that they are consumed in is most important. the ratio of omega3:6 is supposed to be something like 2:1. But processed foods has the ratio 20:…
    in omega 3 & 6 Comment by zinfandel
  • if you can't get past an eating disorder, you will never get to a point where you can have healthy relationships and a healthy life. if you want to have a restrictive, stressed and guilt filled life, than don't fight your disorder every day until it…
  • meditation+raw foods+short fasts to get in tune with my body+sleeping+cutting negative people and habits out of my life=cured (in my case)
  • technically, if you are consuming anything but water it is a diet. juice diet, smoothie diet. not juice fast smoothie fast. that's a technicality. is there something else in your diet that is very acidic? perhaps you are craving so many greens to ba…
  • maybe watching some abraham hicks videos on youtube will help you. also, give it time. eventually you will be sure that raw is the right way in every single cell in your body that you won't want to binge on cooked. if you do eat cooked, low fat low …
    in Need Help Comment by zinfandel
  • juicy fruits will help flush out your body. like grapes, melons, etc. fasting would probably cause a binge to be more likely in the future. stay calm. perhaps find someone to talk to who can calm you down.
  • instead of restricting number of raw calories, i feel best restricting times that i eat. i try to eat as close to between 12pm-5pm as possible. i don't think any one would recommend extreme calorie restriction.
  • i would get a copy of the 80/10/10 diet asap. i would follow that diet. if you have any questions, i would ask dr. graham on http://www.vegsource.com/talk/raw/index.html i would schedule a consultation with him on http://foodnsport.com/
    in Loose skin Comment by zinfandel
  • I think a lot of people on this board would recommend getting a copy of 'The 80/10/10 Diet' by Dr. Douglas Graham. It would answer a lot of questions you have. Transitioning takes time. Perhaps up to two years before one is really totally comfortabl…
  • first of all, your detoxing. second of all, your detoxing. just calm down and go with the flow. you can't expect the years of overstimulation and heavy foods leaving your blood stream toxic to go away in a month. get enough calories from fruit. the …
  • grapes: at least 2 lbs. You might need a banana or 2 or 6 afterward. oranges:6-15 clementines: 20ish I normally eat 2 meals a day so my meals might be larger than yours need to be?
    in How many? Comment by zinfandel
  • i think a lot of mood disorders are caused by allergies to things like gluten and dairy. going 100% raw can probably cure your moods, although you may go through some periods of detox/withdrawl.
    in Raw & Bipolar Comment by zinfandel
  • my skin looked 90% better 3 days after giving up gluten
  • Sorry, I don't have any raw desserts. And sorry this post is a bit off your topic, but still relevant :) This article may be of use to you. It's from http://healthelp.com/lifescience/ and, unless othewise noted, writings of T.C. Fry's Life Science C…
    in potluck time! Comment by zinfandel
  • My skin has been breaking out a lot lately. I suppose better out than in. I've been doing some short fasts and I am broken out after those too. I am going to hopefully keep fasting until my skin turns clear. It's worth it to me.
  • I wish I felt fine on no overts, but alas. I wound up with a weaker body and a flab tire around my belly and an extended recovery time after workouts. I am going to start experimenting with nuts and seeds. Do you have any tips?
  • i just ate no overts for 1.5 months and it was le suck. i totally don't recommend it. there must be some minerals in nuts and seeds that are essential.
  • fasting is traditionally thought of as a time of rest for the body. resting the digestive system, lots of rest, allows the body to heal. you could try "banana island" or something like that for detox. you could search banana island in the search fun…
  • if you have access to a library, you could do some reading and learn about different diets. i personally feel better on low fat, and they are easier on the body. so I would go for a low fat cooked food diet. also, the less seasonings the better. i h…
  • I'm on the only fruits and vegetables team. Raw corn is okay on the 811 diet.
  • @59sound- you can't make your girlfriend responsible for making your problems go away.
  • ask him to not offer you cooked food or tempt you purposefully or encourage you to eat cooked. if he can't handle doing these things, he isn't supportive of you and isnt worth your time.
  • that combo should be good. green peppers are not fully ripe though, so red/green/orange ones are best.
  • my guess is your either eating too often or too much fat or not enough sleep
  • i need to blend bananas or else they are constipating. also be sure that all ofyour fruit is ripe when you eat it. many people do not know that bananas need to be well spotted to be ripe. the skins spot when the bananas give off gases during their r…
  • for nutritional info i think the 80/10/10 diet is the only one people really need.