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  • Juicing makes me feel sick?

    I just started juicing and I'm trying to do it daily or twice daily for health benefits. I got inspired by www.juicing-for-health.com in particular and how she had some great health benefits.

    The thing is, for the rest of the day after juicing I feel kind of sick. I have a headache and I feel kind of run down and crabby. I also have been craving more cooked foods than normal. At the same time I do seem to have more energy than I used to. I attribute the feeling sick to detoxing.

    Did anybody else experience this when they first started juicing (headache, aching, crabby)? What health benefits have you had from juicing? I'd like to hear about your experiences :)


  • Best Juicer?

    I need your advice about what kind of juicer I should get.

    I got the manual HealthyJuicer which is great for leafy greens and wheatgrass but is just not practical for everyday use or juicing large amounts. It takes forever to handpump enough for 1 nice sized glass.

    I am thinking of either getting some kind of centrifugal one (Breville) to inspire me to juice daily OR a single gear one (Champion or Omega or something else) for quality.

    What do you think?

  • Cured myself of oral herpes

    Beautiful story and inspiration for us all. For me at least.

  • Rejuvelac is the tastiest thing I've ever tasted...

    It tastes like vanilla ice cream. Only water. For some reason much more satisfying than water.

    Anybody have any good rejuvelac stories/ideas?

    How to do it:

    Sprout some rye (word is rye tastes the best out of the various grains)

    Put the sprouts in a jug of water

    Cover the top w/ gauze (I am using 1 ply of a paper towel w. holes poked in it)

    Put in the dark for 2 days swishing around every 12 hours

    Glory be! I'm in love!