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  • I love Tonya
    in beauty products Comment by Vala
  • All bananas in Iceland are in inported. And I have never heard about asparagus been grown here. The salery is not that high if you think about how expensive it is to live here.
  • Hi, I am a Raw vegan in Iceland. I would not move here because everything is very expensive and the product selection is rather minimal, expecially compared to a lot of other countries. But there are more and more raw foodist
  • There is lot more harmful (poison) put in vaccines than mercury, so even if mercury is no longer in them, they are still very bad. For exemple HIV and cancer viruses (among others) are put in them to make sure we get ill!! You can find more about th…
  • Actress and a model. But I am always on the lookout for something new and interesting,now I love everything Raw food related and holistic.So my next step is to learn more in that feld.Also I have been thinking about becoming a yoga teacher.
  • Hi Casserole and congratulations! I would send Jinjee email and ask her this and other questions you have on this matter. I love this family and they are such role models for everybody, especially if you have or are going to have children.Ther child…
  • I think this stupid law is only in California so you can order from other countries. Here in Iceland were I live there is no almonds from California,the brand that I always buy is from German company named Rapunzel and they get there almonds from Sp…
    in Pasteurized Almonds? Comment by Vala
  • Hello hello! Day 7 – day 5 was alright exept for aces in my stomach,like it is very tight or something,hard to decribe. Day 6 (yesterday) was really bad,my stomach was worse and I had difficulty breatheing deep breaths and mentally I vas very negati…
  • Hi spiritedmama, In the book he talks about that it is good to let 3 months pass in between cleanses,but I don
  • hey guys. Congratulations nama on your 7 days! well done. RawVoice – in the book Burroughs says that if you are a raw vegetarian you should drink fresh OJ the first,second and the morning of the third day.For lunch on the third day have raw fruit,wi…
  • Hi everybody, This is my 3 day and everything is going well. On thursday night (day 1) it felt like I had cold and flu,aces and pain in all the muscle te body,you know like when you have high body temuture of 40C or something,but my mood was very go…
  • Hi everybody! Count me in,I am starting next week.I have been on my way for some time,ordered Glickman
  • oh, and how is it in Germany,do you get enough fresh organic food there? Maybe it depends on where in Germany you live-south or north. I assume if I can be 100% raw and organic in Iceland you can to in Germany!!
    in Europe Comment by Vala
  • Hi sonne83. You are right, almost everything is imported. We have local tomatoes,cucumbers,bellpeppers,kale,carrots,beets and some other stuff fresh and organic but the rest of the organic food is imported. I am 100% raw and organic and it is going …
    in Europe Comment by Vala
  • Hi,I am Scandinavian,from Iceland.
    in Europe Comment by Vala
  • I take my MSM in orange juice,David Wolf says it works best with it. I take the powder and it has almost no taste, and in the juice you only taste the yummie oranges. NSPANKY- does it say you should take all 10,000mg or 15,000mg in one serving or di…
    in MSM Comment by Vala
  • Hi, I
  • Hi hi, Stylistchick – in the film there are people that have diabetes type 1 too.
  • Hi, I started taking MSM few weeks ago but it
  • Hi Nuttgirl! Are you 100% raw? When I went 100% raw this january my hair started folling of very rapidly and it is much thinner now than it used to be. The rapid hair loss lasted about 1-1/2 months and then it stopped(thank god!!).This is very commo…
  • I use baking soda as a toothpaste and tea tree oil as a mouthwash and it works very well. I also always use a tongskraper the when I wake up,to take all the coded stuff of my tonge. I am going to try to add himalayan salt with the BS an see if it is…
    in Brushing your teeth? Comment by Vala
  • Hi I am new to no poo,my second week and I have been using salt water rins every other day and just water the others,so I shower every day and soak my hair.It is very greasy now and I am hoping that it will normalize very soon! I was wondering if it…