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  • hey sorry youve had such troubles with your family/friends/coworkers. I don't know if I can help but I can understand where youre coming from. I'm not officially raw yet, I go back and forth, but for the moment I'm just a vegan who eats lots of frui…
  • Thanks for the replies I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way :) nicolette, I'd also like to avoid too much of avocado, oil and coconut products in addition to the nuts. Not completely restrict just have in moderation. I guess I'd like to …
  • hi everyone, thanks for all the replies, I haven't been online in a little while! The reason I'm asking for protein powder is because I'm still pretty new to idea of the raw food lifestyle, and I currently enjoy using protein powder (though it isn't…
  • Thanks for your thoughts powerlifter. I've never dehydrated sprouts so I wasn't sure... I thought maybe I could just dehydrate the crap out of them... or maybe grind them up into mush first and then dehydrate, then grind again. I would like lower fa…
  • i live in tasmania, we have the the worst fruit and veg in Australia! (thats available in shops that is - tas actually grows heaps of gorgeous produce but it gets shipped to the mainland before we see it.) I have never laid eyes on a durian. Only re…
  • we have lettuce - iceberg is the most common, and also Cos (which is really yummy). I just googled lettuce types and discovered that Cos Lettuce is the Aussie word for Romaine lettuce! So I suppose I'll be using that for wraps! I wonder if the thick…
  • I wish I could help you but I'm also new to raw. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and send some positive vibes your way. I'm also pregnant (about 26 weeks!) Congrats on your little girl :)
    in Raw and preggers Comment by maxie7
  • I hear ya! My family are meat eaters. Why don't you try to make a meal you can all enjoy by say making a big raw salad for everyone - you could add beans or tofu cubes or rice, baked potatoes etc to theirs and add something else that's raw to yours.…
  • sorry but bringing up peoples weight is going to make them defensive. I know it's worrying, I've got overweight family members too, but I never discuss with them because I know they won't listen. Probably moreso because I'm a vegan, they think that …
  • for a newbie, which raw foods/practises are the best for boosting energy? I would like to go raw, but every time i try I seem to feel sick, tired and flat. Now I've finally tried doing green smoothies in the morning (4 pieces of fruit and a handful …
    in New to Raw!? Comment by maxie7