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  • When i bought it, it smelled like fish and i was too grossed out to eat it. i’ve had veg sushi before, eating out, and it did not smell like fish. Any thoughts?
  • Personally, i think you will get bored after a while, especially watching your room mates with pizza etc. Try to make it your own thing, you know? Have a corner, or put a bench at the end of your bed. Put your dehydrator and a personal blender on it…
  • Preferring natural options like most of you, I felt lucky that my insurance at a new company was offered in fragments. I was able to sign up for accidental and physical therapy and bypassed on the pharmaceutical nonsense.
  • You can chew on a piece of ginger- like gum. Works for me every time.
    in Heartburn Comment by readingatwork
  • i read the other day that magnesium oil spray can help grow hair in balding areas. i’ve never tried it, but you can read about it on David Wolfe’s site, www.sunfood.com. When i was going through a stressful time, my hair started coming out in small …
  • What about lipstick or cheek stain? i tried using berries and coconut oi, but it didn’t stain.
  • I’m not a scientist, but my first thought is MSM powder (for the inside- helps connective tissue/makes organs and tissue more supple) and magnesium oil (for the outside- topical pain treatment). These just happen to be the two things i’ve been readi…
  • That's great news Moth. I've noticed that when i eat goji berries, my eyesight seems more focused and clear.
  • Rob, Your friends must have a field day with you. i think that's great though- if it's working for you. i'm curious how much you spend for groceries.
  • i would love to know if CORNMEAL is raw or if it can be bought raw.