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  • Hey freepam I am going to have to back out of this trial, it's not the best thing for me right now. I am sorry! I hope it is an adventure for you!
  • My school term starts on the 5th as well. I think that will be the perfect kick-off date!
  • Sweet. I am a n00b at it, so I am still learning. My understanding is that is departs from raw "gourmet", leaves behind fancy nut and dehydrated entrees. 80% of calories comes from carbohydrates, 10% from fat, and 10% from protein. Here is a link to…
  • Hm I guess I will experiment for awhile, and see what happens! Thanks for everyone’s thoughts =.=
  • Hey thanks for the input :) I always make sure to get the good stuff when I indulge. Lady Raven, thanks for pointing out that the cravings might come from something other than nutritional needs—that’s something very important to be aware of!! Kedamo…
  • Hey on a side note, do you find that papaya increases mucus? I’m doing a cleanse with the seeds, and after swallowing them, I immediately noticed more mucus clogging up my nose. I also chewed some of the seeds and ate some of the fruit…
    in Papaya ripening Comment by shrk_byte
  • eshne—just curious, have you had any success with the tea? I need to wipe out some candida myself and got some Pau d’Arco a while back, but I stopped using it I think because it tasted funky and I wasn’t really sure if it was doing anything…
    in Tea for candida Comment by shrk_byte
  • Hey there! I brew my own too. There is an organization, http://www.kombu.de/source.htm,that you can get free cultures from. I got mine from someone in my city, so I can’t actually vouch for their services though. Do any of you think that your homebr…
  • Several of you made a good point, chriscarlton, cavegal—how is HER health? I don’t know if she smokes, but she is a little overweight and mentioned high cholesterol. Funny though, she also mentioned she used to be vegan. I think she switched because…
  • Hey thanks :) I am just worried that since I believe this is so right for me, and we disagree, that maybe her judge ment on other things isn’t the best for me either.
  • rawbeginner—dry brushing is actually excellent for reducing cellulite, as long as you do it long and consistently enough. I tried it a while back and got good results. It works on cellulite by stimulating the lymphatic system. The cellulite is accum…
  • Hello sueko. I did come across juicefeasting.com before posting here, but I didn’t want to pay money to join up…my first priority for juice fasting is cleansing. My second priority is (some) weight loss (btw, my user pic is old..I’ve since gained we…
    in Juice Fasting Comment by shrk_byte
  • Oh yeah! I cannot wait to taste all the fresh scrumptious fruit :p I will have my first durian experience over there!
    in Thailand Comment by shrk_byte
  • Hi rawbeginner. We share a lot of the same experiences, and I am still working on my relationship with food. When my bingeing was the worst, I ate the worst, most unhealthy food that I had avoided for years when I was vegetarian and vegan. What real…
  • Hmm, do you think bee pollen would do the same thing as honey? I will try the salt thing in the morning, and will see about the honey the next time I go to the store. Thanks for all of your help!
    in Allergies Comment by shrk_byte
  • We definately are getting sun here in Eugene, it was actually hot today :P It’s amazing how much the sun feeds our bodies…I just got done reading a chapter about sun in David Wolfe’s book, The Sunfood Diet. Has anyone else read it? What do you think…
    in rough day Comment by shrk_byte
  • I meant the ice cream that is made with cocomut :)
    in Coconut Bliss Comment by shrk_byte
  • Hm, once I get a dehydrator, I’ll definitely try it, thanks :)
    in Pulp Comment by shrk_byte
  • Wow thank you guys! Fresh veggie juice should be no problem cause I just got a champion juicer (yay!). Actually, it is encouraging that this is happening if it is detox, that means that my body is getting healthier :)
    in Tired Comment by shrk_byte
  • Ooooo…funny you should post this just now. I’ve been going bonkers with trail mix and have been overdoing nuts by a loong shot. Sounds good to me, I’m in :p
  • Ooo I love collard greens! I used to use those instead of tortillas when making burritos with beans and rice and guac…. Do you stick the tubberware in your backpack or do you have to take a lunchbox? What’s your fav green smoothie? Sorry for all the…
  • Yay! I just registered online :) Is there a carpool?
  • I want to go very badly! I just saw a flyer for it when I was in Portland this weekend. I also had my first raw restaurant experience there, has anyone else been to Blossoming Lotus? Wonderful :p
  • Yay! Good for you and welcome :)
    in raw runner Comment by shrk_byte
  • Hey Stefunk, have_mersey,rawrach, and everyone else….are you still doing the juice fasting? I’m starting one tomorrow, do you have any veggie combinations to suggest? Thanks! :)
  • Feel free to add me and leave a message :p myspace.com/shrk_byte
    in Myspace Comment by shrk_byte