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  • The salt in your sauce is drawing the water out of the squash. if I bring zucchini noodles to work, I keep the sauce separate, or else the volume of noodles goes WAY down. I don't know how thick you are making your noodles, but if the squash taste i…
  • Hey - Congrats on your journey! Today is my first day OFF my first MC (10 days)! First 3 days I was tired and had a headache and low energy, but I had been making the lemonade 1/2 strength on accident! After 3 days, I felt pretty normal. i felt less…
  • Luxdivon- DE = diatomaceous earth "Plus, I also bought diatomaceous earth and have been taking that for the last 2 or so weeks." To put simply, it's eating dirt. Soon - Isn't the yeast in bread dead from the baking?
    in Thrush in Mouth Comment by sid23
  • I juiced beet greens once and they made my mouth and throat feel weird, my BF too. So I haven't had them since. Yup, i am NOO help!
  • Hey Teech - The lemon juice you drink, is it the lemonade?
  • Thanks guys!
  • I'm coming off tomorrow...no suggestions AT ALL???
  • They sell it at a co-op Madison Market here in seattle.
  • Go to the doctor. Shingles has a pattern in which it manifest in blisters. sometimes o the face, sometimes on the side. It's usually on one side of your body. It follows nerves. You should go to your doctor, because if it is shingles it can cause pe…
  • Don't you kinda wonder about the support of the seller's claims being "testimonials?" "EVERYONE had lower blood pressure" "Everyone had lower cholesterol" Are there no studies or scientific back up? Your going to essentially eat dirt based on someon…
    in Diatomaceous Earth Comment by sid23
  • Hey guys! I have been thinking about doing the MC also and i am wondering if I actually need to buy THE book, or any of the other books about it? I have read through some threads, and someone even posted a link to the book, but i don't know if it's …
  • oops. Yeah the room thing could be it! Thanks for answering!
  • Suasoria - you rock SO hard!
  • Who said you have a sleeping disorder and did they order a sleep study or just assume? It's worth doing a sleep study in case you do have some disruptive thing to REM like sleep apnea. A lot of people get tired after they eat. Don't sweat it so hard…
    in Advice please? Comment by sid23
  • Paying 150 bucks for a cake is insane! I am super lazy and I made Ani Phyio (sp?) apple pie and it was easy and awesome. Or ask your family/friends to make something from this site as a birthday present.
    in Raw Cakes Comment by sid23
  • Just don't add too much water. When you process it be patient. Since the nuts are wet from soaking, I only end up adding MAYBE a tablespoon of water. I've never had a problem spreading it
  • I posted a recipe for a nut butter a while back. I soak walnuts 6 hrs to overnight, rinse and drain. Put them in the cuisinart, add shoyu, curry powder, turmeric, cayenne (a little), a garlic clove and a little ginger. pulse a few times then let it …
  • This gal makes a lot of cute look-a-likes: http://www.rawdorable.blogspot.com/2008/01/chocotastrophy-do-try-this-at-home.html You will have to scan a lot but I have seen fancy cakes and such here: http://thesunnyrawkitchen.blogspot.com/2009/04/super…
  • I just made my first pie! I made Ani Phyo's apple pie - the recipe is in her archives and there is a video of her making it on some news show. It turned out great - my BF doesn't like desserts and he has like "this is REALLY good!!!" I used currents…
  • I have a cuisinart too, but i think it's the 7 cup. My mom got it for me. It has shredding blade, slicing blade and s-blade. There is a flat top and a feeding shoot for the slicing/ shredding blades. it's not hard to use, just read the directions. A…
    in Best Food Processor? Comment by sid23
  • This isn't from personal experience, but i have read that some people lose a bunch of weight when they first go raw and that later (still raw) it balances out and goes back up to your natural weight. I have no idea if this is true though -just read …
  • After. We keep it in a big jar to start - let it culture then bottle it, add flavors, and let it sit a bit longer (when it gets the bubbles).
  • ddigiacomo - I use cauliflower as sushi rice too, and I have a tip. I process the cauliflower than season it with a little plum vinegar(probably not raw), cayenne (just a litlle) and some agave - stir it all up and then squeeze it through cheese clo…
  • How about stroganoff (sp?)?
  • "rich cheddar cheese" from this site on zucchini is fab
  • Do you have ginger? I often make this: torn kale with julienned carrots and zucchini, ginger, garlic, a little curry, cumin and turmeric, shoyu and orange juice and zest. I make a big thing of it and eat it throughout the week as is and put it in ro…
  • Tip for the cucumber sensitive....it's the seeds that make you bloated. If you cut them in half and scrape out the seeds you should be good to go. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower (even kale, i think) are all in that family of plants that give you gas…
  • I always liked this site http://www.whfoods.com/foodstoc.php They are not raw vegan though. I haven't been there in a while, but they used to have vegetarian recipes on the site...not so exclusive now. But the info is really in depth on each food. M…
    in nutritional content? Comment by sid23
  • I posted some pic's of some of the collage planters on my space. If you, Johnny, or any gone-rawers want to be my space friends just say it when you add that you are from here and not some random weirdo. You can see that I have a face other than a g…
    in I Missed You Ali... Comment by sid23
  • Bananas in Pajamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in I Missed You Ali... Comment by sid23