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  • Yup, and couldn’t find me!
    in HI BOB Comment by Hippie Chick
  • I didn’t like the Magic Bullet at all. A piece fell out and got mixed into my expensive ingredients the first time I used it. That was a definite concern. I returned it. I received the Bella Cucina over the holidays and loved it. One of my relatives…
  • No juice bar in mine…just high prices and disappointing/$ prepared foods. I would buy the cut up fruit (produce aisle) and the lara bars.They also have cut up veggies in the produce aisle. The fruit, agave and some nuts might make a nice lunch or br…
  • Sounds so good!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just back from Quintessence and LOVED it. The portion were much larger than Pure Foods. I even got a doggy bag. Next store is Live LIve…what a plus…afull of raw goodies for home. Back to Quintessence. They were out of coconut water the way they norm…
  • No worries…I am absolutely 200% grateful for this post. I know that 6pm on a Sunday night isn’t prime time, but veggies that should have a snap didn’t and everything was soupy (you know when you make a nice dressing and it separates and gets watery …
  • BTW, I am not a BONOBOs fan after yesterday. The food looked at tastes old…nothing crunchy and no vigor with their staff…sorry folks, maybe it was just a bad night.
  • Awesome post…I will readily use this info. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MON - u are totally on regarding the staff. I hate it when wait staff act like they act like they are tolerating you.Yup, some dishes were small, but I guess that I just liked finally getting there and the lasagna was awesome. I tried making it in t…
  • Just had RC this week….when there is an infection (abscess) it can get pretty bad quickly. I chose to go for the RC…you don’t want further problems. In addition, the longer you wait, the more difficult the procedure. I have experienced both and defi…
  • I do you mine occasionally. I bought mine at a special kiosk in COSTCO (already had the V-Mix).
  • Try my ASAP Smoothie BASE,,,hope it helps :)
  • SUE - Thanks!
  • RED- after reading your profile, I couldn’t agree more. I thought a lot about some of the posts in “Easter Hell” earlier this week. It really bothers me that food has taken over happiness and comfort for some. Any time you can’t enjoy a holiday or s…
  • Boutenko talks about this….why not focus on the things to be thankful for? For example, the meaning of the holiday, the opportunity to be together, to be healthy, etc. It isn’t just about the food
    in Easter Hell Comment by Hippie Chick
  • I struggle with Maca….don’t like the taste at all and feel that it ruins my smoothies. Sorry I also have a concern that it soars your hormones. That instant rise is what can cause breast cancer (sorry folks, I am stating the facts from multiple sour…
    in Maca??? Comment by Hippie Chick
  • JoyceH – I couldn’t agree more. There are plenty of wonderful teens out there and I am thankful for that. I was just saying that media,etc. pushes many to give in to unhealthy choices and it is a shame. I wanted to congratulate those teens who are p…
  • I remember that…but both folks who commented who are young (which I am not) are speaking with the same passion that they believe in…I am glad that they feel strongly about positive aspects in their life…look at most other teens and you will see what…
  • SHGADWA - You tell ‘em!!!!!Interesting that so many people who have admitted previously to having control issues also have issues with God…..
  • Hi! Not to bring ya down…but I am not a big nut eater and rarely have more than 1/2 an avo a day. I have been at least 75-80% for 5 months and have lost no weight. I have about 20lbs. to lose to be in a normal range but not skinny by any means. I ha…
    in Hi! I'm new Comment by Hippie Chick
  • Izhpt – Keep in mind that you can always blend with extra water and strain it. It comes out like juice and not like sludge!
  • Green Mountain
  • ANGIE - before we drop the extract thing, I buy flavoring that has no alcohol…glycerin oil though. Okay, now I’m done. :) I am going to live vicariously though you for a while. I hear ya regarding stress and poor BG control. That’s me in a nutshell!…
  • ANGIE- just a thought…would you consider using extracts? I have a strawberry extract in a little bottle (think vanilla) that I mix into nut mylks, etc. It might satiate your berry-love.
  • ANGIE - How about my Cucumber Tzadiki Smoothie/Soup? I could eat that all day and needs no sweetener. It is super refreshing and surprisingly filling.
  • Can’t read all this now…but VERY interested…thought about going to Tree of Life and doing that 3 week thing with him..but am iffy. BTW I have been type one for 20+ years and on a pump. Let’s stay in touch…maybe even a diabetes sticky????
  • Angie, is there a specific program you are following?
  • Here’s what I do. The credit goes to Karen Knowler though. Massage kale with about 1 Tbsp of good olive oil (or to taste, start with less you can always add more) some good coarse salt and juice from one lemon. Then add an avocado (peeled and pitted…
    in Kale.... Comment by Hippie Chick