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  • The price is good! Love those Chocolate Mushroom hearts from Elements....they sound gross though. I had them at a party and only then realized hos amazing they are. Blue...check my website (look at he section for cordyceps)and you will read about th…
  • Interesting, I will check them out further thanks...are they raw? I didn't see that mentioned. I use the Cordyceps from www.noblelifeelements.com/lisa I put 1/4 t. in everything from fruity green smoothies (and they don't taste mushroomy to raw soup…
  • Sorry...forgot to mention that registration starts at 6:30pm. It'll be a great night...lots of Elements for Life goodies to taste. Heads up! Get a taste of my personal favorite...raw, sun-kissed Inca Berries.
  • I have to agree...I love the place. Especially the pesto pizzas!
    in Quintessence Comment by Hippie Chick
  • Revitaphi is suppose to help with alkalinity. See below: www.noblelifeelements.com/lisa Keep in mind that if you are not comfortable with your symptoms, you can/should have them checked out (ie a dentist re: your gums)
  • You might be surprised. many things that I previously didn't like I have now acquired a taste for...this is especially true of things that I "need." I love both coconut oil and coonut butter. Go for it!
  • my WF carries it in the supplement department, near the green powders and chlorophyll
  • I think that worrying about food combining will give you gas. eat the combos you want…your body is telling you something. Listen. If something doesn’t work out so well, keep it in mind for next time. I feel strongly that this should not become a con…
  • uknicole: I’m with you. I think a lot of people who are hyper-focused on being 100% have control issues. Find your own balance. That’s what I do and I am darn happy ‘bout it!
  • Love the chia! I forget about it for a while and then go crazy with it. Thanks for the link!
  • Have you checked this out? Promoted by David Wolfe! My personal favorite (and it's raw) is Revitaphi. I have never met a green powder that I liked before. I LOVE how I feel from it!!! www.noblelifeelements.com/lisa
  • Elements Rock!
  • This is all such useful stuff…thanks all. I have been Type 1 for over 20 yrs.
  • IS there a specific program you are following, or winging it? I am very interested! I saw you recently posted a recipe with lots of high carbs fruits. Can you now eat that without a raise in BS????
  • Great recipes…not completely raw.
  • I’m with 123 and KEVIN….
  • I am 75% at best.I was never veg or vegan, so this is huge for me. Do what feels right for YOU!!!
  • Now I really want some!!!
  • Thanks…they are green…can’t find the clear ones anyone other than online.
  • that was me…I started the link, and meant MYOB. LOL!!!!
  • KENDRA - glad it’s workin’ for ya! I shouldn’t put my nose up too high because I occasionally give in to my family qualms. But I feel that whatever I can sneak/get in there is an improvement. My NR family ate the amazing Broccoli Salad (look it up i…
  • ANGIE _BTW, check out the thread started yesterday in the Health and Beauty section about T1 Diabetes
  • Boy…glad I got you folks going on this….yes, trying not to feel better than anyone, after all, what do I know? Just trying to see what feels best for me. I am not 100% and not always (but certainly usually) veg. Yes, I crack up with people’s comment…
  • Thanks!
    in Cocoa? Comment by Hippie Chick
  • Great, I have coconut butter and oil, but not cocoa butter. Thanks! I will check out the sight!
    in Cocoa? Comment by Hippie Chick
  • HI ANGIE…was wondering about the Dr C thing and how it was working for ya, but didn’t want to pry…it’s like bragging about a boyfriend in high school and finding out he’s a jerk and having everyone keep asking ‘bout him… I am surprised I still remem…
  • I hear you I am definitely using less insulin b/c the lack of processed carbs/grains. I think that the fruit is effecting me less than it normally would, but only when I combine it with lots of greens (as mentioned previously). I put this on my moni…
  • Type 1 for 20+ years, on a pump. I find that is the case for me when I drink green smoothies, but not with stuff that has lots of dates or bananas without greens. There is ALOT of info out there regarding healing yourself and diabetes. I am overwhel…
  • Yup….many cooked dinners here, some not vegan or veg
  • To the best of my knowledge, just about everything canned is pasteurized. Sorry… Funny that you brought H of P up because I just bought a jar myself (not raw) and had them. I am not 100%