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  • Salads and fruit are a great way to go. When I introduced my boyfriend to raw I started him out on raw desserts!! they're sweet and yummy and good for you. Then I started adding more meal items and less sweets. He loves raw food now. (at least most …
  • Hi...I'm just checking. I thought Carob wasn't really raw? I do happen to like Cacao when I eat it with Goji berries. I haven't tried Carob because the only kind I have ever seen in the health food stores is roasted. Is there a website where I can b…
    in cacao nibs Comment by yescathyis
  • you could try using avocado as your base. Add in the spices you like and sundried tomatoes or fruit for your flavor. A little lemon for the liquid. I think it would blend up to a nice creamy dressing.
    in Dressing Ideas Comment by yescathyis
  • They're not sure about Dialysis yet. So far he looks like he can manage without it. Thanks for the hugs:)
    in kidney disease Comment by yescathyis
  • thanks so much. i'll check into it.
    in kidney disease Comment by yescathyis
  • Hi ~ We were going to buy a Blendtec for our next blender because everything we read seemed to point toward it being the best. But then we watched a vita-mix demo in person. Of course you know how good those in store in person demo's can be! And of …
  • Thanks! I'll keep eating it the way I was then. I do scrub it prior to freezing it so I think I'm safe on that end. Thanks again.
  • i think if you're oven has a low enough setting you can use that instead.
  • Cool. thanks so much. I miss peanuts:)
  • This recipe sounds great. But what are Jungle Peanuts???
  • Hi RubyLaine. My sister added flax oil to her diet and it cleared up her psoriasis.
  • I can’t believe all the help! You guys are great! And I got to help Angie by posting my own question, that felt good. You know I did feel good doing my own thing but I thought it would be best to follow someone who has been raw for a long time. I wa…
  • Thanks so much. I started thinking if I had changed what I was eating since that first week. And I did have a green drink for breakfast everyday which I stopped doing! I’m for sure going back to the green drink!!!
  • Thanks to both of your suggestions. I have been trying to watch the amount of nuts I eat. I do work a lot of hours and try to get at least an hour of exercise in but by the time I do that it’s bedtime. I’ll keep working on it. Thanks agian. I wonder…
  • Help. How do I start a new topic or question here or on the ‘Active Disusscions’ area. I have been 100% raw for 2 full weeks now and I’ve put on 2 pounds (trying to lose!) I’m tired and hungry most of the time and feel foggy! What am I doing wrong!?…
    in RAW Almonds.. Comment by yescathyis