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  • I used to live on Lincoln x 16th, so it would have been a lovely bike ride…I’ll have to check it out next time I’m back in town. What do you like to eat there?
  • Slosh-uh, where’s Judahlicious?
  • Queenfluff, they only have it sometimes…I may have had it at the one in the Mission, but definetly had it many times at the one in the inner Sunset. I think I had it with some appetizer sampler—with olive tapenade and pesto and crackers and some oth…
  • Oh, STOP…I used to live six blocks from Cafe Gratitude and miss it constantly! I was obsessed with the “blue manna”—a cheese made with blue-green algae. And the margarita made with sole!
  • Zoe, I haven’t made it myself yet, but when I go eat lunch at Rawvolution, the Big Matt with Cheese is my FAVORITE thing on the menu! Definitely make it and don’t forget the pickles! Germin8—one of my career goals involves making enough money to eas…
  • The adjustment period will completely depend on what your food intake and lifestyle was before you transition, along with your psychological makeup. I’ve been at 90-100% raw for about three months, and find that I’m still going through waves of deto…
  • I’m with you Luna Blu…I feed me for at least $100/week! And I don’t even buy all the fancy packaged superfoods or pre-made stuff! (By the way…I”m enjoying the ever-changing Iron Man avatar.)
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by Audrey
  • Or maybe a carrot cake-like cookie, with raisins and walnuts and cinnamon?
  • Awillow, the aloe vera gel I use is from Trader Joe’s—it’s in a bottle and cut with a little alcohol and is easily spreadable.
    in shaving Comment by Audrey
  • I use aloe vera gel.
    in shaving Comment by Audrey
  • Thanks pianissima! :) I do feel like I need the salt…but then I always do well with a lot of salt. This feels different—I really do think I’m in some major detox phase again and some old junk is being cleared via the ‘weed. Karuna: take a sheet of r…
    in Seaweed Comment by Audrey
  • Thanks Lucy + have_mersey. (She says, stuffing double layers of nori in her mouth.) Kelp for president!
    in Seaweed Comment by Audrey
  • I just watched a bunch of her video blogs on YouTube yesterday—she’s a hoot!
  • Zoe, what is the Innika website? I tried to Google it but couldn’t find it.
    in Dr. Hauschka sucks! Comment by Audrey
  • Barack Obama truly is our president.
  • Before: watermelon. After: watermelon. Basically, I figured going raw would be fine by me because it still involved watermelon.
    in favortie food... Comment by Audrey
  • Brilliant. I love it. Maybe this’ll help my mom relax about this silly little protein hangup she has!
  • You have to admit that making a joke about murdering carrots is pretty funny. And that just because we’re cool with fruitarianism and we get it doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t laugh at the joke. If everyone was completely serious about everything…
    in "Baby Mama" Comment by Audrey
  • Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, Libra rising. I’m definitely interested in your book!
  • I feel like I’ve been avoidant about hanging out with friends in the context of meals, which I don’t like, because I end up isolating myself to some degree. I don’t have a problem with being around others when they’re eating whatever, but I still fe…
    in raw social lives... Comment by Audrey
  • When you’re really sick, definitely stay home from Bikram classes. Not good for you to push when you’re feeling like crap, and not good for your classmates either. But if you just have a bit of a sore throat, then go—the heat will help your body swe…
    in Getting Sick A Lot Comment by Audrey
  • Zoe, “Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda!” is by Joe Alexander. It’s fantastic—definitely get it and read it all the way through.
  • Hi from Los Angeles!
    in California Comment by Audrey
  • I first got into raw foods when I lived in NYC. You will find fellow raw foodists! Especially in the East Village. Check out Caravan of Dreams on 6th…I think between 1st and A, or A and B.
    in Raw New Yorkers? Comment by Audrey
  • Keep in mind too that detoxing off antidepressants takes at least six months, especially if you’ve been on them for several years. So it’s something to keep an eye on for awhile, and also to know that you may have some difficult patches in that time…
  • Yes—I actually used raw foods to help me transition off of my antidepressants, so the detoxing did happen at the same time. While I couldn’t say whether doing that is right for anyone else, my faith in my own process really helped me over all the bu…
  • If you are what you eat, then I imagine most of us are about 30% green smoothies…thanks to Victoria Boutenko.
  • Pianissima, you’ve been able to stay raw all this time…you WILL be able to keep away from alcohol, if you so choose. Remember that! And if there’s anything in you that’s not ready to choose to completely cut out wine, then know that you’re just not …