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  • Like Pianissima, not into Angelica’s. What about Caravan of Dreams on E. 6th between 1st ave & ave A? That place is great.
  • I relate…keep in mind the issue could be emotional.
  • Manna bread isn’t raw either, but as Elizabethh wrote, is easier on the system than other cooked breads.
  • Keep in mind too that the real issue isn’t the eating, it’s what’s underlying the eating. This series of videos on YouTube with was posted on this forum a week or two ago, and I found them very helpful: http://youtube.com/watch?v=icsFTnltYuY&fea…
  • There’s never any need for fancy recipes – fancy recipes are composed of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts – so there’s no difference in just eating them as is. That said, if you were to get any contraption or do anything to your food, you might w…
    in rawbie Comment by Audrey
  • Classic pesto, raw vegan style: basil + parsley + garlic + olive oil + salt. Can’t beat it.
    in Pesto Comment by Audrey
  • In his first book, David Wolfe wrote about animals building whole new relationships with us when we go raw. That alone was a huge incentive for me to make this change in my life…to the extent where I am currently obsessed with wanting to hang out an…
  • How about a green smoothie every morning for breakfast (i.e. 2-3 cups of greens, such as kale or chard, a banana, and 1-2 cups of pineapple), a salad with your favorite raw vegetables and nuts for lunch (olive oil, a squeeze of orange, and some salt…
  • Tamisha, you also can start by transitioning from wheat bread and pasta to easier to digest and less processed versions, such as brown rice pasta and sprouted grain bread (like Ezekiel). I included these things in my diet for awhile and it really he…
    in Scared/Confused Comment by Audrey
  • It’s not raw, but Natalia Rose + others recommend it as part of a transition diet because it is made entirely from sprouted grains, and therefore is far more digestible than regular bread.
  • Dancin Durian, I think it’s like that because after a lifetime of eating foods that bog us down, this is a huge contrast—digesting/assimilating immediately. I don’t own a dehydrator, and only occaisionally make it to raw restaurants for dehydrated f…
    in Floaty feeling Comment by Audrey
  • YES! When you’re not used to it, it can be tempting to want to eat something heavy or fall back on old addictions to handle all the new energy flowing through you. Absolutely I think eating this way opens you up to immense receptivity. As I get used…
    in Floaty feeling Comment by Audrey
  • Chris, it’s nice to read what you write and feel understood too! Thanks AKAAuburnEyes. Anngoingraw: I am a professional comedienne/actress and am currently working on some “raw humor” for my standup act—so just you wait!
  • Chris, I’m so happy you wrote this post. I’ve been frustrated lately with how even on this forum, the amount of naysaying in the form of fear, doubt, and worry has been bombarding the majority of the posts. It feels sometimes as if even after everyo…
  • Definitely pursue books + therapy to help you in this time of transition. Certainly going raw and going off your meds is revealing to you feelings and issues that you weren’t able to see or access before. That said, keep in mind that what is being r…
  • My favorite green smoothie is kale, red chard, banana, and mango. It’s fabulous!
  • Queenfluff, you might check out Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto (on California avenue) for your massage therapy training. That’s where I went, and absolutely loved it—and I definitely got the impression it’s the best training in the Bay Area.
  • Cafe Press is a great idea, as is getting the t-shirts printed on American Apparel tees (USA labor/ethical working conditions/etcetera). I would be more than happy to volunteer creating a design for the shirts, or we could have a contest, or just us…
    in Money for GoneRaw Comment by Audrey
  • Probably calculated through sheer guesswork. You can think about it in terms of how many of your approximately 21 meals a week you eat raw—i.e. if you’re eating 2 non-raw meals a week, that’s 90% raw. Or you can think about it in terms of whether yo…
  • I recently pooped out half a pill from two years ago (when I last took them). I think this says it all about how well the body absorbs and processes such things! While I am on the no-supplement bandwagon, I would recommend getting liquid-based vitam…
  • Here’s another great uplifting movie about the changes in consciousness that are happening in the world: “The Moses Code.” I went to the world premiere at Agape in Culver City and got to hear a panel of people in the movie/that made the movie talk, …
    in good news! Comment by Audrey
  • One name: Barak Obama. Hallelujah!
    in good news! Comment by Audrey
  • Kelp noodles, by Sea Tangle. I buy them in the refrigerated section of either Whole Foods or my local health food store. They’re usually lurking near the tofu and raw nut butters.
  • Pianissima, you are 110% right about how important it is that we put out there what we do and who we are…and while I know this to be true, I’m still figuring out how exactly to tell people. I like your suggestion of talking about it before the dread…
  • RawKidChef, I have not yet tried the brownie dessert—I have had their ice cream. I will go have the brownie in honor of you and report back! Have you looked at their whole menu yet? It’s at http://www.crusilverlake.com/menu.html.
  • Yes—Cru is right in my neighborhood and it is fantastic. My favorite thing there is the Thai red curry dish with coconut noodles—completely amazing.
  • In absolutely everything I’ve read about candida, there’s no real evidence/need to include meat or eggs in a curative diet. Like Amysue said, the main thing is avoiding triggering foods, such as fruit, sugar, and flours, and including antifungals, s…
  • 3 cups of kale (the equivalent of half a large bunch), one banana, and one cup of frozen mango.
  • Queenfluff, the base for the farmer’s cheese is soaked cashews, white miso, salt, and a little water. The blue manna doesn’t taste like blue cheese—I don’t know that it even has a particular taste; but it was literally bright blue (from the algae) a…
  • Cool, thanks! I want their hemp soft serve.