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  • Now that all makes practical sense to me, as the fruit and blood sugar thing really does need to be addressed. What do you mean by green, heavy foods? sprouts ,seeds, nuts, or greens? What about starchy vegetables like roots, they are important for …
    in when to eat? Comment by rawrawraw
  • I just slice or make sticks to snack on. I love all the roots: turnips, parsnips, rutabagas, kholrabi, daikon, even giant black radishes. Roots are also good keepers, if they are fresh and not soft on the skin. I always try to incorporate them anywh…
    in Turnips? Comment by rawrawraw
  • I took one of my own favorite chop salads to an after Christmas party last night, and every body who had it really liked it. I love to use beet greens and stems, red or gold; but red or rainbow chard is also good. With beet greens you get less of th…
    in Christmas Salad? Comment by rawrawraw
  • You didn’t say dry or raw, but sore. which is it? All of the other responses would apply to a different type of sore throat. A hard to swallow, swollen gland type and sore down into the neck is one of the detox symptoms I have experienced several ti…
    in Sore throat Comment by rawrawraw
  • blix, curries don’t necessarily mean the same to you as they do to us in the U.S., do they? Maybe a thick soup? They could be or not be with an Indian flavor, right. I miss the coconut milk from my Thai curries, but really haven’t played with anythi…
  • Hey blix, do you have the recipe or ideas for your curries posted anyshere ? That would be a great thing to use up the 2-3 different jars of strong coconut oil I have.
  • I haven’t made this one, but the variation from this site, Even Better Onion Bread, I love it. I did my own variation the first time, with extra herbs, celery, etc., trying to get the effect of stuffing, it was great; but I used ground and whole soa…
  • Hi, I’m back. Long Thanksgiving weekend. I am not sure what I expected of myself for my first raw holiday, but didn’t have an agenda, other than not getting sick, raw or not. I ate some of the traditional foods, because my children did all the cooki…
  • Hi, I’m new to the board, but I have been visiting and gleaning from the recipes. I did try “Sushi” a few times, and not a fan of raw fish, I only ate it for the wasabi and pickled ginger, but even then, the green die and sugar weren’t a good idea. …
  • When I joined gone raw I promised to give back after gleaning so many recipes. But I am pretty liberal with food, and don’t really like to give amounts. To add to the ideas: easy second use meals like juicer pulp, avocado and whatever strong flavors…
  • Where do you buy the Parnoosh dates? I have always loved dates stuffed with a pecan half, or in breads, but I can’t get into them now. Then after reading about the larva and eggs in dates, I started checking them, and sure enough, I found some. Don’…
    in Parnoosh Dates Comment by rawrawraw