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  • p.s. I am in the health field-- and know that herpes/shingles is a difficult virus-- I am all for natural remedies but I do not think that there are real alternative anti-virus remedies-- especially since, untreated, shingles can lead to a chronic p…
    in Shingles Comment by Annabelle77
  • Shingles is a very very painful thing (or I've heard). She is probably on a form of Valtrex-- I just looked it up and constipation does not seem to be on the list of side effects, although everyone responds differently. She is probably on significan…
    in Shingles Comment by Annabelle77
  • There is fruit EVERYWHERE! lol
  • eek! Im all freaked out now. Once my sister and I had a bunch of people over for a party-- we cut into a beautiful red pepper and a full-grown moth flew out! There must have been a tiny hole into which a mother laid eggs. This poor caterpillar spent…
  • Thanks for the advice! I ended up making chips with them. They aren't as sturdy as kale, but they turned out delicious!
  • Has anyone made chips with chard?
  • Hi Debs60, If the lines seemed to have appeared overnight-- it could be simply dehydration, or as another had mentioned, weight loss. Are you getting over an illness? Did you change your moisturizer? just some ideas... =-)
  • Definitely food for thought-- I would not have thought about supporting my liver. I've been about 75% raw for a bit over 1 year-- and everything has developed since then. The interesting part of Oral Allergy Syndrome is that I will react to the frui…
  • I've had the same experience. None of the health food stores around here have them-- nor do their staff know what I am talking about-- It would be nice to forego the shipping costs!
  • great Belinda, Thanks =)
  • Good to know! Spirulina and greens that have been picked and sitting in a store for a little while should suffice. Good food for thought to tell folks who berate me with nutrition and protein comments!
  • Hi, I've been using plain old deoderant (as in NOT antipersperant) for a few years... strangely I sweat MORE when I used antipersperant. Granted the kind I use has alcohol and perfume in it (Brutt) but it's far better than heavy metals. Im sure some…
  • I would suggest transitioning to a raw meat diet. Grains are a foreign substance to dog's gastrointestinal systems and their GI tracks are way too short to handle them-- which can lead to a whole host of problems. If her little body is using up all …
  • Do you think you could be allergic to something you eat daily? That can mess up digestion, toxin removal etc...
  • I also wrote in Not much can make me angry these days-- but this does!
  • hmmm. The zucchini would definitely make it watery... do you have a dehydrator? You could evaporate some of the water that way
  • Whoa Lils! you MUST MUST MUST wean yourself off of prescribed antidepressants! (I weaned myself off of quite a few!) Your brain chemistry has been chemically altered by the drug, and it can be dangerous (and scary) to stop cold-turkey. here is an ex…
  • I know!
    in Moose in Ice Comment by Annabelle77
  • If he is responsive to ethical arguments like you say--- the egg industry is one of the worst in terms of cruelty... Chickens bred for meat often live on the floor (a nasty crowded floor with their beaks chopped off)-- but egg-laying hens spend thei…
  • Im pretty sure there was a thread on here where folks were saying that they aged their cheezes on purpose for a long time... I had 'aged' some too (lost in the back of the fridge)-- but I was too afraid to try it!
  • Melody, I dont even know what to say besides from 'bless your heart'! I wish you everything good!!
    in Raw & Abuse Comment by Annabelle77
  • I think that there is a very strong connection between abuse of various types and diet-- diet is one of the only things that we can truly control-- which is why anorexia isnt about eating per se-- it's a way to have control over something when other…
    in Raw & Abuse Comment by Annabelle77
  • http://www.goneraw.com/forum/how-do-you-store-dehydrated-breadscrackers I had the same question... check out the above topic
  • Hello! My older sister had clear skin her entire life up until her early 20's. It was devestating to her; she had layers and layers of acne shaped like a beard... she saw dermatologists and was prescribed medication after medication to no avail. My …
  • Thanks Karli!
  • thanks for the info ABQNick! I have had grade B syrup for over a year-- trying to fit in a cleanse. I work at a university and there is talk of a required 4-day unpaid leave to help balance the budget-- maybe I can do it then. and yes-- I think that…
  • Is it possible to work like normal during the Master Cleanse? Ive been wanting to do it for over 1 year-- but don't see how it could go okay if I had to run to the bathroom at work every hour. What do you all do? Take vacation? Remain working?
  • Chrissy's Goddess Kale Chips... http://www.goneraw.com/node/5848 these are beyond words delicious!
  • Thanks everyone... you are awesome! I will definitely check out your recommedations!!!
    in Yoga DVDs Comment by Annabelle77