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  • I have heard of a too-low cholesterol being dangerous, specifically because it is necessary for the transmission of electrical signals in the brain. I found an article that (I think) addresses this in the Physiological Society Journal: http://www.pu…
  • I like what a lot of people have said, especially Kristen, Caleb, and LovefoodLaughter. For me, being happy is all about being grateful, and my gratitude is best expressed in my being helpful to others. Activity is key for me, and if I am feeling do…
  • I never rinse my stuff unless there’s an obscene amount of dirt on there—I consider it my free vitamin B! :D
  • Definitely John Robbins! My favorite is “Diet For A New America.” I’ve shared it with friends and they’ve really enjoyed it. My 87 year-old Grandmother is vegan after having read it! It’s really an amazing book and I reread parts of it often. I disc…
    in Ethical food choices Comment by Benny
  • I read ED and was waiting for the erectile dysfunction talk! Hi, dianthus, I’m a guy but I can definitely relate. I will binge and binge and not know why. I won’t feel good when I’m doing it, but I will still do it. Often I will binge and think whil…
  • Don’t eat the white potatoes raw! They’ll make you fart like crazy and there can be bad levels of solanin(?) in the green stuff. I say just get the hashbrowns, or homefries, or french fries, or sweet potato fries or whatever. I used to have wicked p…
    in HASH BROWN CRAVING Comment by Benny
  • I think my favorite apple is braeburn, but I buy a lot of gala because they are usually cheap in a three pound bag. For pears, which I am eating less of, I guess I like all of them, but the brown d’anjou and barletts are my favorites. I like trying …
    in Favorite Apple? Comment by Benny
  • From my own experience, I would say that the best thing is to talk to people who have had the same problem and have found a solution. I cannot say what you or your cousin should do (I have never been in your situation), but people that I know who ha…
    in alcoholism Comment by Benny
  • I love LOTS of cayenne to get the snot moving and get the poison out!
    in getting a cold... Comment by Benny
  • TreeOfLife-that is an incredible amount of weight you lost! I agree that water weight has a lot to do with people who are mostly raw weighing less-I am 6’1” also and my healthy weight when I was cooked vegan was 200lbs, now it’s more like 180—I had …
  • I don’t know of any raw bodybuilders, but here are two guys who are vegan: Mike Mahler is a strength coach who works with bodybuilders and who I am familiar with from when I was into bodybuilding: http://www.mikemahler.com/ Mac Danzig is a vegan MMA…
    in Raw Bodybuilding Comment by Benny
  • http://www.localharvest.org/csa/ Here’s a site with CSA locations. I’ve found farms on this site, and in local newspapers, mostly. Where do you live? There may be a website or group dedicated to “green” stuff and they’re usually a good resource, too…
    in Local Farmers Comment by Benny
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics is a series of statements developed by Carnot in the nineteenth century, and built upon by many others, the most commonly cited of whom are Clausius and Kelvin. There are three basic statements of the Second Law that…
  • I got a bunch of canker sores and a bad sore throat when I went from cooked vegan to mostly raw, and thought that it may be a vitamin B deficiency. I started taking a veggie-based B complex and they went away. When I finished the bottle and didn’t b…
    in Mouth ulcers Comment by Benny
  • Diet for a New America by John Robbins—great vegan inspiration!
    in books! Comment by Benny
  • i have not, but i enjoyed conscious eating very much. have you read it? he is certainly enthusiastic about veganism and very spiritual about the whole thing. sometimes he loses me when he quotes scripture, but overall he has become one of my most co…
  • hahah this site rules! i can’t imagine creating and devoting an entire website dedicated to criticizing other people’s food choices, as this person seems to have done. i’m a happy vegan; i don’t have time for that shit:D
  • I use Natrapel, which is DEET free, but not anything you’d want to spritz on you salad. It does smell great though:D
  • I love apple and tahini. I usually chunk up an apple and mix it with a little tahini and a couple of raisins and a pinch of sea salt—definitely a staple of mine.
    in Tahini....?? Comment by Benny
  • I think people would be more apt to sample/purchase your stuff if it is low cal (yuck). Maybe some zuchinni/summer squash pastas, an acorn squash “rice” dish—stuff that can be sold in small containers and resembles cooked recipes that people are com…
  • Besides Lydia’s, are there any raw prepared stuff worth trying? I don’t have a dehydrator and might want to try cereal, etc. Farmers market today! :D
  • I love tea. I drink yerba matte every morning and a variety of herbal teas in the evening. I occasionally drink black, green, and white tea, but only once in a while—I’m a big caffeine wimp now!
  • As far as I know, all GMO produce has a PLU (number on the sticker) that begins with an 8. Organic PLUs begin with a 9. I tried to find out on the USDA website if genetic modification precludes organic certification, but it was difficult for me to n…
    in Question re: organic Comment by Benny
  • Great point about music. I am not familiar with Xavier Rudd, but will certainly check him out. To add to the music list, staples for me include Richie Havens, Dead Prez, and Rage Against The Machine. rock!
  • Shit—I was just gonna say try singing in the rain :D
  • I need to find jicama! I don’t think I’ve ever had it..
    in Dips? Comment by Benny
  • I make this hummus all the time: http://goneraw.com/recipes/9-Hummus I usually back off on the oil and way back on the tahini and add crushed red pepper or cayenne because I add them to everything! Here’s a question: I never feel like I’m short of g…
    in Dips? Comment by Benny
  • Haha! Meat wrapped in cheese on an egg…so true. I live in South Carolina, and I know how hard it is to find veg places. I tried looking some things up for you a couple days ago and again now, all to no avail. Bring fruit and good luck!
  • I don’t supplement my diet with cooked foods, now, but I can definitely see myself doing so once I’ve been doing this whole raw thing for a while. I am starting to try to minimize how much I spend, because as others have said, eating like this can g…
  • What an awesome thread. I don’t have children, but this is something I think about. I first became vegetarian when I was seven (it didn’t stick for long), and I think that with parents being frank about where meat comes from, and with a small amount…