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  • I’ll join for the weekend!
  • I break out on occasion. Much better than before being Raw. I find that blending up mostly tomatoes, cucumber, a little lemon and honey do really well on my blemishes. I put it on like a mask. I suggest it.
  • What can you eat or drink to maintain healthy vitamin D and Iron levels, then?
    in Tired Comment by Cole
  • I was a fruiti for 3 months after going 100% raw, but saw a significant change in my energy levels and noticed some hair loss. As a fruitarian, do any of you take supplements? or what is a staple for you?
  • I will definetly join in!!! I’ve recently committed to 100% RAW again, and it has been soo great. A juice feast would just be (raw) icing on a date torte :) And as for jumping in… Yes. The first time I went raw, I started it with a week of juice/smo…
  • I love avocado and bananna with a pinch of sea salt. maybe not the best combo, but oh so palatable.
    in The AVOCADO Comment by Cole
  • Well said Zooey Glass. Cheers! Does anyone know the problems coffee can provoke?
    in Kissing Coffee goodby Comment by Cole
  • I am 22 on March 28!
    in How old are you? Comment by Cole
  • Participate in marathons= free fruit/water. closing farmers markets= cheap produce. :)
    in Dirt Poor: Raw Envy Comment by Cole
  • I am taking Biotin and MSM. They are both awesome.
    in Question about MSM. Comment by Cole
  • Oh geez. I did not know abut this fruit ratio. My diet is like 85-90% fruit and the rest nuts and greens. So the bottomline is to balance fruit and excersize or the pancreas works too hard? (Sorry I don’t quite get it)
  • Congratz Stylistchick! So what are your eating patterns like? Peace and love!
    in progress! Comment by Cole
  • Thanks! very helpful :D
    in Bloat and hair loss Comment by Cole
  • I’m in for sure!! :D
  • I will join the MC on Dec. 1st too! It will be y first time, but its funny because I was looking for a support group to check in with! how awesome!
  • Thanks! My appetite started “okay” but the past 3.5 months it has grown tremendously. Maybe because I stopped going to my accupuncturist? i dunno. but drinking juices is a great idea. Thanks againn :D :D
    in HUGE appetite Comment by Cole
  • Cheers to fasting! I am fasting as well. Good luck :D
    in Fasting. UGH! Comment by Cole
  • Santa Monica, CA… Moving to Portland in March!
  • Yes, I stopped drinking, or using any sort of substnace, 5 years ago and sort of drifted from the people I would regularly socialize with. I’ll tell you that it has been a great blessing in my life. Now, after some years, most of those people have c…
    in losing connection Comment by Cole
  • I had a question about coconut consumption. Arent coconuts loaded with the “bad” saturated fat?
    in Coconuts? Comment by Cole
  • rawallison- what do you usually eat/take to meet protein intake? i am experiancing the same problem= hair loss. I’m so glad to have found this forum. thank you!!
  • I too have a hypo-thyroid. After going raw (100% for 2 months now!) I started seeing an acupunturist and an herbologist. They have been helping me with my levels, and it has been awesome. Spirulina and kelp, like Spiritedmama said, is great. :)
  • This is great. I am very greatful I posted this here. I dont know why I am skipping my monthly cycle. Maybe my body is adjusting slowly. thank you again! :)
    in Menstrual Cycle Comment by Cole
  • Wow thank you for the information. This very very helpful. Writeternity, I don’t intend to limit my protein, if I do. I thought I ate too many fats! :) I snack on nuts all day. I dont believe I get enough greens in though. I sometimes find myself on…
    in Menstrual Cycle Comment by Cole
  • Magdi, I am in the exact same boat as you. I gained a ton of weight after a really hard break up..I went from 126 to 152. After being 100%Raw for a month and a few days now, I am down to 141. I want to weight 125 as well, and hope to get there. It h…
    in Weightloss Comment by Cole
  • Wow, thank you for the responses. Great sites, and very helpful discussion. Cheers!
    in B12 Comment by Cole
  • Hi Flinzz Yea, Santa Monica has many raw friendly restaurants! My fav is Julianos Raw restaurant, leaf cuisine is great…and the Co-Op has a yummy selections of premade dishes too! Good luck!
  • Thanks a bunch this site is awesome!! Cheers!
  • Hi Sweetpea! I’m new too. great site and good food! Cheers
    in Newbie Comment by Cole
  • That would be awesome!