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  • It's not just you, I totally have the same problem. So maybe it's just you and me, but at least you're not alone, ha! When I used to eat things cooked, I could have it no problem, but I tried making a "cheesy zuchini" dish in my dehydrator awhile ba…
  • Sorry! Have to correct myself!!! Raw buckwheat groats have about 270 cals per 1/2C, sorry! I looked up the wrong info! But they're pretty good calories, lots of nutrients. Anyway, had to correct myself. That is all :)
    in Help!!! Comment by VeggieBean
  • 1 cup of buckwheat (cooked, so for raw I'd say divide by two, so more like 1/2C dehyd buckwheat groats) has 154 calories. Three cups a day is kind of excessive, I would worry more about why you're eating so much of one particular thing instead of th…
    in Help!!! Comment by VeggieBean
  • Hey Ambiguous! Thank you for those links, the first one was especially helpful! It's been annoying not to be able to use agave these last couple weeks, I too buy local raw honey, but it's not as easy to use due to it's thickness. Now I feel ok using…
  • Thank you for the info, Camiheartsraw! And yes, Ambiguous, I had chopped the dates up before trying to dehydrate, I wanted to achieve the yummy bits that you find in trail mix but those are obviously a different type of date than what I have... So o…
  • I've read articles about buckwheat groats and how they actually help with weight loss, something about the way they enter your bloodstream slowly and balance out your insulin so it doesn't spike. And it's actually not wheat, or a grain for that matt…
  • Well, the beauty of this site is that to each their own, it's all about learning and talking and finding new exciting recipes! Kind of judgy wudgy there, Superfood2. Since we're sharing, I gag when I see people being rude or turning their nose up, b…
  • I'm not sure on the white miso, I THINK it's raw, but nutritional yeast isn't. The thing is, though, I use both. They're close enough for alot of raw enthusiasts, they're handy and healthy in recipes, and they're delicious! :)
  • That's awesome, thank you for both the crunchies recipe AND the links, lauraj! I'm going to check them out right now :)
  • There was another post put up by someone struggling with taking a snack to work that wouldn't be difficult to eat on the go, and someone wrote back with an awesome suggestion that I've since tried and now love :) It's called a "Gorilla Sandwich", I …
  • It was a recipe that I found here, I think it was a mix of corn, ground flax, and a few other spices. I tried to spread it thinly but maybe it was still too thick. I'll just suck it up and cut out some circular parchment paper next time, thank you!
  • Hey Rawmamanibbles (funny name btw!) I used to be an avid runner, very dedicated, and at the time it worked for me and I loved it...some days I loved to hate it, and could be really hard on myself if I didn't meet a "goal" but in the end I was alway…
    in Jogging tips Comment by VeggieBean