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  • - Like any vegan, you should take a B12 supplement. - Food prep can be more difficult. On a day-to-day basis, avoid “gourmet” recipes, like most recipes on this website and in uncook books. Just eat lots of fruit and veggies. I like making gourmet r…
  • There are two types of meals you can eat: (1) just regular raw fruits / veggies or (2) “gourmet” meals. For just regular fruits and veggies, there are no recipes – you just pick them up and eat them. The recipes are for the gourmet meals. The point …
  • http://www.saeure-basen-forum.de/ In the menu on the left, click “acid-base metabolism”, then “food table”.
  • Try a 1 day water fast. Just remember to drink lots of water, especially when you become hungry. If it goes OK, start doing them once a week. After a few months of that, possibly start thinking about longer fasts.
  • http://www.ultimatelife.com/CatalogMealBenefits… It looks like it’s at least partially raw, but not all raw.
    in The Ultimate Meal? Comment by AlexS
  • There is no B12 in alfalfa. http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-C00001-01c20…
    in B12 in Plant Source Comment by AlexS
  • Here is the list: http://www.foodnews.org/fulldataset.php Items near the top had a lot of pestecides; items near the bottom had few if any. So, let’s say, mango, pineapples, avocado, and onions are safer. Also frozen sweet corn, but IIUC, that’s not…
  • What’s wrong with green tomatoes? I knew that one should not eat potatoes or most beans. Is there a list somewhere of all the foods one should not eat raw?
    in Potatoe? Raw? Comment by AlexS
  • Bananas, apples, pears, cantaloupe, strawberries.
    in Mono Meals Comment by AlexS
  • Pomme, Here is my take on the whole social life issue. I am doing raw for my health. Well, not interacting with others is not healthy. So, in some circumstances, being 100% might actually be bad for your health, since you might not be interacting wi…
  • FleshMechanic, If your husband is hungry, he should try eating more fruit. If he is still hungry, he should eat more fruit. Nuts, seeds, avocados, and dried fruit also have a lot of calories, but do not overdo them. Pasta is not raw. It has been pro…
  • smckiness, How did your experiment go?
    in Question on Grains Comment by AlexS
  • joseegonthier, Eating disorders are real. Cargo discusses it well in his post. For this post, I am assuming that you are healthy. What is your BMI? Is it in the healthy range? Just tell them, here is my BMI, it is in the healthy range, I don’t have …
  • rawdancer_london, One issue on raw is getting enough calories. Some people try to do that through eating too many fatty foods (avocado, nuts, seeds). The point of 811 is to limit the fats and get the calories from carbs / sweet fruit. Also, some peo…
    in 8/1/1 Comment by AlexS
  • Yes. It’s basically high fruit with lots of greens.
    in 8/1/1 Comment by AlexS
  • I don’t have the book, but here are some recipes by people who follow 811: http://www.organicathlete.org/content/category/... http://www.organicathlete.org/content/category/... (Not all recipes on the website are raw.)
    in 8/1/1 Comment by AlexS
  • You should not worry about B12 deficiency – as long as you are taking a good B12 supplement. It’s very easy. If you are in the US, make sure your supplement has the “USP Verified” seal. (Some of the Nature Made supplements have the seal.) Just take …
  • rawdancer_london, £15 is $30. That’s very low. What do you eat? Come to think of it, it is possible, not that I am advocating it. You can get 2,000 calories from about 2.2 kilograms of bananas. I am sure you can buy them cheaper, but even at 70 cent…
  • To make sprouting a lot easier, check the easy sprout sprouter . With a few exceptions (such as azuki ), you should not sprout beans. As for sprouting grains, that’s somewhat controversial as some raw people are for it while others against it.
    in Sprouting tips? Comment by AlexS
  • Dea, I’ve moved to the area after you’ve left. Yes, everything is upscale and the rents are high. I thought this is how things are getting in all the big cities. I used to buy a lot of produce from farmer’s markets in the summer. I’m not sure if I w…
  • I’m in Washington, DC. The number of people attending the Northern Virginia meetup has been increasing almost every month, which is great. At the meeting before the most recent one, there were over 40 people.
  • Sprouted lentils you can just put in a salad. Sprouted quinoa, I am not sure. I made it once, but didn’t like it that much.