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  • I can relate too - I have a non-raw husband, but I have to say we do not care about what is in each other's plates, as long as we can sit together on the table. Usually, we make a gourgeous raw salad together. Then he adds to that his piece of amina…
  • Zinfandel, Thank you - you are so right and I think your message strongly resonates with me right now - I hope I feel this strong tomorrow morning when I "have" to get my soya intake:-) SimplyRaw, Thank you for all the information - I think I will r…
  • I am the same way - I have been 70-80% raw for a while now and now my body is telling me that it is time to be 100% raw. Every time I eat a cooked meal - usually steamed veggies, clear soups, cooked organic vegan meals, I get horrible headaches, sto…
  • What a great question! 1) spinach! 2) raw cacao butter 3) spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas and zucchini
  • Try monoi oil – http://www.monoi.com/
  • I just tell them that I am allergic to bread, meat and cr*p:) They say: Oh, poor you!, and I think: Oh, poor them!:) I had some surgeries which lead me to this lifestyle, but the funny thing is that right after the surgery the hospital nutritionist …
  • I usually buy my coconut oil at the health food stores in Calgary. I use the unrefined cold pressed organic kind. I have also been using baking soda to brush my teeth – the results: whiter and cleaner teeth. I make a paste out of the baking soda and…
  • I am happy that I can be of service… I will keep researching this topic and I promise to share my findings with you!
  • Hi, Hollis! This is my first winter being raw in Calgary. So far so good – wish me luck… A cup of the Yogi Clasic Indian Spice tea really warms my heart and soul… With a drop of agave nectar it is simply heaven… Also sometimes I put a little bit of …
  • Hi, deasmiles! Do not worry! I had a similar reaction after eating vegan cooked food. Just like you, my hubby ate it too and he was fine. (I am 95% raw, he is 50% raw). I was hoping to slow the detox instead I ended up with diarrhea for 4 days. I d…
  • Hi, Nutgirl! I am new to raw food, however I think the best replacement for protein is sprouted quinoa. quinoa is a high protein grain (50% more protein than any other grain), and it is the easiest to sprout. It also contains many amino acids and vi…
  • Thanks for your replies, gals! One more question? What do you think of the raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar? Is that good for you in a cup of warm water?