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  • Trader Joe’s raw almonds are from Spain, so they should be fine.
    in PASTEURIZED ALMONDS Comment by punky
  • Speaking of Miso… does anyone know if you have to go by the expiration date, or will it last past that? How far past it? I’ve used keifer that had way expired and it was still fine, but I don’t know anything about miso. Thanks for any help.
    in Raw Dressings? Comment by punky
  • My son says, LEAF CUISINE in Culver City and also in Studio City. It is a medium price range and has good food. Hope that helps.
  • I’ll ask my son. He lives in LA (near Santa Monica).
  • If anyone ever visits Las Vegas, we have a great raw, vegan restaurant here called GO RAW CAFE, that has GREAT food. GO RAW CAFE (West side location, near the Lakes) Phone: 702-254-5382 2910 Lake East Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117 GO RAW CAFE (EASE s…
  • Sorry! I forgot to add the YouTube link! http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=Blen…
  • Hi Shady Lady… I just went to your web site and enjoyed your sense of humor! I read you would like a Vitamix and I had to let you know that the BlendTec blender blends the Vitamix under the table! Set your sights higher… go for a BlendTec. They are …
  • Here is a YouTube video that shows the process. I just sprouted some adzuki beans for my salad and ate them today. Here’s the YouTube link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=jvDggHRwHEw&feature=... Once there, you will see other videos on sprouting tha…
    in How do I Sprout?? Comment by punky
  • It is so encouraging to see so many Christians eating raw! I have felt like a lone ranger in this lifestyle because most Christians look at you like you’re crazy, while they eat their donuts and drink their coffee. It is so sad. I praise God that he…
  • Wonderful site and a great place to hangout! :)
    in love this site Comment by punky