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  • blueberrybabe~ I just emailed you. :) I've been getting emails at my email addy all day so I'm not sure why yours aren't getting to me. It sometimes is a confusing email addy. My email will have my email addy on it for your convenience. Good thing y…
  • wichten~ Sorry, no easy answer. Some see shifts right away, others experience a shift over a longer time. For some, it is like switching on a light bulb. Others it is like a smoldering fire. Each body is different. Each person lives in different con…
  • blueberrybabe~ Bummer the email bounced. Please try again to send your email. You might have misunderstood how to enter the correct email addy. My email addy is: purple_obi(at)yahoo(dot)com. The address has an underscore ( _ ) between purple and obi…
  • If this is useful, use it. If not, skip it. Consider any "disease name" is a group of symptoms and is simply a device for the medical profession to mask the symptoms with drugs and not getting to the (deficiency) cause. When one gives the body what …
  • joannabanana~ Sending you lots of healing energy. May you have a quick recovery. If you are up for an adventure, try spooning a really smooth smoothie/soup into your mouth. Have lots of napkins handy (or a hose to spray yourself off afterward, *snic…
  • Congratulations!!! You successfully ate from the "classic" 4 food groups... fat, sugar, caffeine, and salt! lol
  • Oprah has done a few shows on "high" raw eating and even did a 21 day high raw food plan (with some of her staff, I think it was 21 days) based on Kathy Freston's book (see interview with Freston at http://www.oprah.com/article/spirit/inspiration/pk…
  • Sa'lam. Doost man Irani ast,
    in Happy Nowruz Comment by Bluedolfin
  • megan lyne~ Another suggestion... Surround yourself with positive, inspiring images and other resources. :)
  • megan lyne~ My first suggestion (and probably most important suggestion) is to throw out the scale. The scale is not your friend and will only mess with your head (one day up a pound, next day down a pound... ). The best way to measure if what you a…
  • zinfandel~ I'm not sure you are aware of some of the latest "theory" on molecular sugar production (glycoselation). I'm aware that fructose is found in high quantities in fruit... not sure about glucose... The info I'm aware of says that the other m…
    in Energy from RAW Comment by Bluedolfin
  • anabanana~ Here are a few reasons why supplementation would be useful (and that is well produced, well selected supplements): * Lack of adequate nutritionally dense food (email me for an article about the loss of nutrition in our food source). Not a…
    in difficult times Comment by Bluedolfin
  • Y'all might want to jump over to another thread about what people do and add to that one. http://goneraw.com/node/11091 or http://goneraw.com/node/1599
  • Hippie Chick~ I know that some 'shrooms are high in saccharides (one of my "focused" knowledge areas) that are very beneficial. Your website says the cordyceps have a wide range of nutrients but I doesn't see where they were listed.
  • Do you use the 'shroom powders/extracts simply for flavor or is there another reason for using them?
  • ...bump... oh... that must be someone hitting the ground from the "Falling off the Wagon" thread.... teehee... actually just getting this thread to show up on the front page. ;0)
  • Carnap~ Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Try drinking tons of water, some with fresh lemon in it to cleanse. Pee your brains out for a bit to flush. Wishing you a fast recovery.
  • pixx~ Well... as a matter of fact... lol... Actually I just looked up the blender myself... thought I would pay-it-forward. ;0)
  • Try this link: http://www.montelwilliams.com/health-master-info.html
  • iluvlife~ A suggestion... Try putting an oven thermometer in your oven to find out what temp "WM" (warming) is. Run the oven for about 15-30 minutes and then check the temp. If you are dehydrating stuff in your oven, you might want to use a thermome…
    in Tortillas Comment by Bluedolfin
  • Foxy~ If you are open to an option that might support your efforts, feel free to email me... Please include what country you are in. :)
  • glam~ I think pm=private message. This feature is not available on this site... yet... as far as I know.
    in Always Organic? Comment by Bluedolfin
  • Something to consider... There is no wagon to fall off. If you felt a thump, you either fell out of bed or off your bike. :) Stress causes more longterm damage to the body then any food, cooked or not, would. Be kind to and patient with yourself.
  • edamame3~ Since you mentioned you are studying herbolism, I thought I would post this link for you: http://www.renegadehealth.com/elixircraft-mastery-daniel-vitalis.php. It is Kevin Guianni's write-up on The ElixirCraft Mastery Program by Daniel Vit…
  • edamame3~ Are you able to measure the concentrations of active ingredients in your tinctures, poultices, syrups, and teas? I'm not familiar with the process. I'm kinda evidence oriented so "measuring" and "validating" stuff is what I'm used to for t…
  • Yeah... I know. :) It is very generous and courageous of you to share these intimate experiences with others.
  • pixx~ Yes, you did state that. The more times people see/hear different experiences and that people are different the better (in my humble opinion). Hopefully, the combination of your and other comments/experiences are useful to others. :)
  • pixx~ Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Great that you did your due diligence! Not all bodies are in the same condition therefore do not react the same (some people are allergic to water! ... imagine that!)..Hope you are able to find something …
  • When considering using herbs or other "natural" products, one needs to do some good due diligence on the company one is purchasing from. Not all herbs and other natural substances of the same type are created equal or manufactured in the same way. E…