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  • hi eecho. No real goals, just doing the feast to take advantage of the abundance of fresh, juicy stuff in my garden and to cleanse and lose weight along the way. At day 10 now (day 14 total) and no plans to stop at this point. Honestly I could proba…
  • In case you were interested, you can follow me here... http://carrotsnkale.blogspot.com
  • hrm...those are challenges! Questions for you: how do you feel about the following... nutritional yeast, agave, carageegan/agar? I need to know exactly what 'your' definition of rawcceptable is so I don't create something pointless for you.
  • hrm - I'd love a section within the profile to add a recipe. I use my profile or account page, rather, as my launching pad, so there would make most sense. Doing an awesome job, btw. THANKS
  • My sons often eat raw... very few things they don't like. And we do tend to stick with whole fresh fruits and veggies, so it's. Pretty easy for my hubby to join on too,although he doesn't do most raw gourmet stuff. I've battled a lifetime of ed to g…
  • I started playing with raw foods I'm 2007, and rotate in and out of the lifestyle depending on the season of the year. I love fresh seasonal produce and eating big salads LOL. My favorite thing is developing recipes that suit the palates ogSAD eater…
  • HI, Joanna!!!! I'm still struggling to find my way around the new format. Where do I upload recipes?
  • I've almost got the moon pies done the marshmallow filling.... ugh double ugh - okay, I had to settle for a bit of a 'nougat' because you just cannot get a true marshmallow with raw food. That I know of. And trust me I tried a million things. I'll b…
  • moon pie? THe marshmallow filled thingy? What flavor was the 'cake? I vaguely remember these from being so jealous of all my friends who were allowed to eat them while I got 'stuck' with apricots and mangoes in my school days... LOL! The more you ca…
  • oooh! Okay - you'll have to give me a day or two to really brainstorm. So what you're looking for is a 'mozzarella' cheese. Quick question: How opposed to agar or irish moss are you? Neither are truly 'raw' for purists, but as both add fiber, I'm no…
  • Okay! I've got some ideas brewing!!! I think I can do a killer corn chip and bran cereal. And I'm working on new cracker recipes. My new dehydrator is coming in the mail, shortly. Once it's ready to go, I'll give these a whirl.
  • :-D I've missed everyone. I'm still adjusting to the new format, and nervous about trying to post recipes, but I'm thowing my hat into the ring once again, because a) I've been asked to be a featured blogger on this topic, and b) I need to post crea…
  • thanks! I'd kinda given up after a month of not being able to post. Lots of wasted time and hours. But I'm back!
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  • I'm here. or back. But missing all my recipes... where are they???? wonders if the hijack gods stole them...
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  • I’m half tempted to post my recipes on a forum separately from here – I’ve been trying for something like a week to post recipe (trying every combination possible of photos, descriptions etc) to no avail. It’s frustrating to say the least. I’ll work…
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  • I’m having problems uploading recipes. No idea what’s wrong. I can get the ingredient list to save, but the recipe won’t save or publish. I’ve been trying all day and it’s wearing on me. Until I can get that fixed…. I’m stuck. Anyone know what’s up?
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  • I’ll get to work… :-) seed-nut-grain-free – any idea what kind of recipes in particular? I’m assuming you don’t want more salad recipes,lol… give me some specific ideas, and I’ll pull something out of my sleeve.
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  • Joyce – gnocchi’s been posted.
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  • angie, I’m going to give you a version of my pumpkin ravioli to make – give me a few days to get it together :) Naomi
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  • okay all – I’ve posted the pumpkin pie recipe. The brownies are in the dehydrator – nut free – as is the first of our soup offerings (‘chicken noodle’) – I’ve got the gnocchi recipe ready to post (tonight or tomorrow) jkd…a lebanese barbeque dish? c…
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  • jicama and jerusalem artichokes wouldn’t be an appropriate sub – gnocchi is essentially a cooked starch, so what we’re trying to approximate would require those veggies to be cooked. Better to go with something else.
    in Update: Comment by poemomm
  • awwwww.. thanks, jenny! Joyce: gnocchi are one of those things where typically I’d probably choose to eat them (the COOKED version, in order to get the serotonin enhancing potato into my diet – I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and cooked p…
    in Update: Comment by poemomm
  • you know beany, I’ve been doing a LOT of research, and it’s not looking like ‘real’ gnocchi are doable raw – for best nutritional assimilation, you’d have to cook the potatoes in some way first. I’m not a 100% raw person, for several health and phil…
    in Update: Comment by poemomm
  • this is a big thing with me – i like to eat local, fresh, seasonal, so in the winter we tend to get really limited around here. In the winter i eat a lot more cooked food for that reason (things like potatoes or beans need to be cooked to be proprly…
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  • I’ve written the requests down, and I’ll be working on them!!! greenghost and joyceh – you made me blush!
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  • Try this (and remind me to post it one day): 1 cup sundried tomatoes, soaked, water saved 1 teaspoon oregano 1 clove equivalent dehydrated garlic powder
    in raw marinara sauce Comment by poemomm
  • I just posted one that’s very simple – you’ll need to play with it, I’m sure, but it’s should give you an idea.
    in Raw Bagels? Comment by poemomm
  • Have to admit, this is absolutely the ‘nicest’ board I’ve ever been on. True: I have seen the occassional sniping or holier-than… attitude, but happily, it’s usually kept to a minimum. Thanks for the reminder and heads up!
  • My background is in food science and nutrition, if you can believe it. :-) And yes, they have been. I love interaction and dialogue