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  • Thanks. I guess i will be using the cooler then, since i dont see the sense in getting a mini fridge as i wont be home long or at this job long.
  • One more thing, i will be moving out of my home next year by my 22nd birthday, which is my goal and thats one way i see myself being able to do a whole lot better at staying raw.
  • I bought a dehydrator from walmart cause i cannot afford another one right now. It is a 5 tray nesco and it does not have a tempature setting so do you recommend not leaving the foods in there too long?
    in dehydrator Comment by buttercup99
  • I know when i stopped smoking, drinking, and partying i lost quite a few friends. That lets you know that they weren’t your TRUE friends to begin with. Where im at there aren’t any raw foodies. I would have to travel to make such friends. On meetup.…
  • Thanks for the comments everyone and yes i don’t think as positive as i should. I’ve gone through quite a bit in my life and a lot of my problem is i don’t talk about my problems openly i keep them to myself. Examples: My dad died when i was in the …
    in breast cancer Comment by buttercup99
  • if you go to greensmoothieexperiment.blogspot.com there are some recipes for green smoothies.
  • Yea im 21! I stopped weighing myself a while back because it can be depressing. Thanks for the encouragement and advice itourist.
  • Thanks guys for the comments and support! I use to be worried about the transition but now i feel that it’s just something i gotta do for myself and im not worried anymore.(detoxing, etc) Also, i ordered a manual treadmill and it arrived today. Grea…
  • Good point ilikenuts! I would also like to know if there is anyone else that binges from time to time, how do you deal with it or stop yourself from binging?
  • Well i saw this post a day ago and just decided to reply. I have an overeating disorder that i have not overcome. Somedays i wont eat although i may be hungry and i know neither is healthy. It’s really hard especially being that i do have weight and…
  • I use about 2 cups of spinach, 1 banana, and a cup of strawberries. Other times i do a spinach smoothie with orange juice and you cannot taste the spinach.
  • Yea well this is the same guy that said that vegans at some point should consume some type of meat product/byproduct so i guess you cant believe what everyone says.
  • Vegfean, exactly what types of raw food are you ordering off of amazon? Can i get mung beans from the health food store?(never heard of them). I also read that one is not supposed to eat too many sprouts because they are to hard to digest! Frederic …
  • If you google salt water flush you will see that most of them say 2 tablespoons to every 2 quarts.
  • I’ve done this before, but what keyword did you use at the curezone.com to bring up that particular article. I’ve always read that you use at least 2 quarts of warm water and 2 tablespoons of salt, just not iodized salt.
  • Yea well ima former pothead and whether you cook it or eat it you will get high!!!
  • Dont know if i have candida either but have def had the symptoms. Lately i have not had an allergic reaction so im guessing things are fine. I do crave sweets like crazy though and rarely crave anything healthy. I did take a spit test queenfluff tal…
  • I figured out where i got the cold from and it’s the kids i babysit (great).I tried the honey and cinnamon and did not like it that much but my head wasn’t that congested the next morning. I still have some congestion in my chest so i am going to tr…
  • Thanks for the suggestions all. Will take a look at the site. any other suggestions are welcomed.
  • Yea well i can do the juice but i tried the water for one day and as soon as i stepped foot outside i felt really sick. Maybe one day i will go back to water fasting.
  • thanks and good luck with yours. are you fasting entirely, no food or drink or water fasting, etc.
  • The title got me thinking someone was going to confess something a bit different. I agree with everyone else. Do the best you can while living at home. You know what’s best for your health. Your family will either come to accept it or not.
  • Thanks humanimal that’s sweet and everyone else for the advice.
  • Hey! I did do mono meals for a while and it worked ok. I’ve tried water fasting once and got sick as soon as i went outside in the heat. Maybe i didn’t take in enough water but im sorta skeptical of doing that for a while. Thanks for the ideas green…
    in Ideas anyone Comment by buttercup99
  • If anyone else has any ideas that would be great!
    in Ideas anyone Comment by buttercup99
  • Thanks. No i dont believe i have an intolerance to gluten and i don’t know what the leaky gut syndrome is but will look it up. I dont even know all the foods that have gluten in then. I still have alot of research to do as i still consider myself ne…
    in Ideas anyone Comment by buttercup99
  • What type of allergy diet were you on? I will be doing my first cleanse after my cycle goes off sometime next week and will need to eat specifics (mostly veggies and sunflower seeds). I was told that the cleanse will hopefully get rid of some of the…
  • love the website also, but still having problems!
    in Site Problems? Comment by buttercup99
  • I think the site loads up better in the mornings. At night is the only time i have major problems with getting on the site.
    in Site Problems? Comment by buttercup99