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  • Ill do it too. Cause I’ve been struggling as well.
  • I think that the nutritionist is on the horizon. I’ve been vegan and vegetarian for quite some time now. And i started with Raw foods in the beginning of February. I’ve probably been 50% since then…. but Im actually picking UP weight. And I legitima…
  • Zooey Glass. Yes, yes, and more yes. The open mindedness in this post gives me so much hope, fills me with love, and reminds me to relax.
  • What actually happened? I’m really not trying to be nosy, but I’m kind of nervous by the graveness of most of your words. And also Rawclaire’s reaction.
    in I'm Sorry :) Comment by Shady Lady
  • “Don’t let food be your comfort and your enemy”
  • Thank you guys so much for the wonderful advice and the incredible support. Monsieur- 50 lbs! Congrats. Freshman year has been a bitch for me. As I said… I’m now harboring the weight of an 18 month old.
  • Okay. That is reassuring to hear. Beacuse I hate counting calories and fats and all of that stuff.
  • Thank you for that thread. Lots of helpful information. I’m going to try for a week to eat super simply. Have some green tea and senna leaf tea as well… hopefully to get things back on track if you know what i mean lol… and see where that leaves me.…
  • Green tea? I’ll try it. I’m really up for anything at this point lol I’ve heard alot about how enemas and colonics help too. How they get all the stuff out and some of the cravings go with it. I’ve read about how some of the cravings that you have a…
  • I’m going to go buy her book today. Even though I look thin in that one photo… I’m actually 5’10 and 180 pounds. Definitely not too thin before or after : ( How could I get rid of the water weight then? Gosh… I’m just in a major funk.
  • Thew Yabba Pot! They have greatr Live Kale.
  • Mannn. I wish there was ‘shroom huntin’ in philly lol
  • Not I.
  • I think that’s a great idea!
  • Mine is green and hard though… I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be.
  • I botched some soup too! I tried a mushroom miso soup that had too much water, so I blended in some greens to soak a little up, but it didn’t help. So I added cauliflower. Dirt. Grody funk nasty mud sludge dirt.
  • my first attempt at a green smoothie. it was the most vile thing EVER. It made me think that i didn’t like greens and had to choke them down. Boy was I wrong lol
  • Clover and Pea Shoots. I consider Pea Shoots sprouts. And Mung Bean of course.
  • Meeeee tooo. I second that one.
    in Weight loss Comment by Shady Lady
  • I haven’t but I want to. If you were the Queen of Cheese then I totally was the Princess. I was a cheese-a-holic. Any wisdom on the subject of Raw cheese would be greatly appreciated ; )
  • Yes very bitter. But it is kind of reminiscent of Peanut Butter and Jelly. I really dig it. It goes so well with the super sweetness of the dates.
  • I have the same issue. My weakness is Prunes or Dates dipped in Tahini. Once I get started I can’t stop and I start pacing the kitchen like a ravenous mad-woman. I’ve tried the Greens thing but it just doesn’t seem to work. I need to figure it out b…
  • I do the same thing with Banana, Agave, and Hemp seeds. So good. Well the groats and cocoa would’ve been raw if I hadn’t have microwaved them : (
  • Braggs is stil soy though isn’t it? Just replace the soy sauce with a little salt.
  • I still drink coffee. Like Juliano says, its not the coffee that is the issue as much as what you put in it. It’s the cow’s milk and refined sugars. I only drink Organic and I go black with a packet of stevia. Yum.
  • My doctor told me that the peach thing has to do with the fuzz. I had to go to the hospital after I went to a peach orchard when I was younger. You can only imagine…
  • The same thing happens to me with Apples and Peaches.
  • I have too many. Sarma Melingalis. Gabriel Cousens. Matt Amsden (just cause I think he’s hott). David Wolfe. I was really digging Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes until I started to think that they might have a tinge of an eating disorder : (
  • Haha. Agreed. The best advice I have been given is… Green Smoothies. It’s the only thing I know of that can knock those cravings.
    in Is it just me?? Comment by Shady Lady
  • Trudat. That website is awesome!