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  • I’m 23! Woo hoo! and I feel great, I hope this is how I will feel for most of the rest of my life.
    in How old are you? Comment by Munchie
  • I too, have been sad that this blog has been taken down. I was hoping someone would mention it somewhere, but this is the first I’ve seen someone say anything. I, too, hope they are ok. It seems all rather sudden. If any of Melissa, Alex, and David’…
  • I have an awesome eSpring water filter. Oh my gosh—I swear by it. I’ve given up all other drinks (except my green drinks and fruit smoothies) for just this water. SOOO good… sooo good… lol, sorry. Taste the goodness. I’ll find a link… ah, here we go…
  • My husband and I, are also gamers. We used to play MU, Rose, and then we played WOW for awhile too. After a couple years, we’ve moved on to our new game, 2Moons. It’s a WOW/MU mix. Fun Fun. and It’s FREE! lol. google it, and join, if you’d like. It’…
    in Calling all Gamers Comment by Munchie
  • I too, have noticed the slow down… Perhaps, the holidays got the best of everyone. OR—they’re workin’ overtime to pay off those holiday credit cards. ;o) ??? This is still the best Raw site out there! They’ll be back… I’m sure of it. ;o)
  • The second one was just as good as the first! Now, that’s my kind of humor… ;o) Wish my life was that exciting, lol.
  • That is great! ha ha. Don’t worry if you don’t have internet access. We’ll all come visit and bring you copies of the posts and new recipes to try when you get out, haha. :o) That made my day! Thank you! ;o)
  • I agree. My husband and I don’t believe in conventional holidays either. If he is not into “normal society things”, I would say, offer him a memory of some kind. Or maybe, if you want to purchase him something, have a star named after him.:o) www.st…
    in Valentine's Day! Comment by Munchie
  • Thank you for ALL your opinions and information to help me research where my presidential vote for this primary is going. I think the fact that after reading and learning about Ron Paul, I am driven to actually vote in this election speaks volumes. …
  • Thanks! I live south of Tampa, but I am usually there at least once a month—thanks! I will have to check it out.
  • I’m silly… I once tried to search for a thread using the search feature on the main page, only to find out it was only for recipes. I didn’t think to try the search feature again after entering the forum page. I will have to try that, and use it fro…
    in Newbie Page Comment by Munchie
  • As a newbie, here are a few things I would and maybe others in the future would like to know: 1.) I would like info. on produce. How to tell what’s ripe, things to avoid, how to store it properly. I buy produce almost every other day, and EVERY day …
    in Newbie Page Comment by Munchie
  • Another great site I love is www.freecycle.org It’s a great way to give away your old stuff and/or find free stuff for yourself. It’s a wonderful alternative to throwing items away. Also, I live in Florida… I post wanted ads for untreated citrus. Co…
  • RAWVOICE —I too go to the PostSecret website every week. That’s so great! Everyone I talk to about looks at me like I’m crazy—kinda like when I tell them I’m transitioning to raw LOL! I get such a mix of emotions reading all the secrets, and seeing …
  • Pyrate kitty is my hero…
    in PYRATE KITTY Comment by Munchie
  • If someone offers me penny for my thoughts, and to offer my opinion I have to put my two cents in… where is my other penny goin’? Hmmm… perhaps that is why I’m always broke. Figured I’d add a little levity in this thread on opinions. To put—my two c…
  • Sarah- I am 23 and I too, have been struggling over the years with UTI’s. I also get kidney stones. I also was wondering if there were any home rememdies as opposed to using frequent antibiotics. I am also wondering if a raw diet is safe for me or i…
    in UTI! Comment by Munchie
  • Thank you LionMouse! That’s a great list! I could have used that yesterday when staring at the produce looking like an idiot, lol. This is an excellent thread—very helpful for us newbs.
  • Princess—that’s so weird! I stopped using my deo. the day after I started my transition a week or so ago, and yesterday my arm pits felt irritated. I asked my husband to look because, I couldn’t really see and I don’t usually get rashes, so, I was c…
    in Detox ? Comment by Munchie
  • Madness, didn’t I read somewhere that with the exception of eggs and goat’s cheese you had a pretty healthy vegetarian diet? Maybe because you were already eating healthier you had much milder detox, or none at all?
    in Detox ? Comment by Munchie
  • I’m feeling a little better today. I drank an insane amount of water last night and I just had some freshly squeezed OJ- which is heaven, btw. I’m having problems sleeping. I feel like I could run a marathan 3 times over. I suppose I did that too, r…
    in Detox ? Comment by Munchie
  • I’m glad I saw your post, Mami. I was going to start a thread if I couldn’t find one on detox. I decided I would gradually go raw 4 days ago, but as always when I get excited about something—I always jump right in head first. I’ve been 90% raw for t…
    in Detox ? Comment by Munchie
  • I’ve been following this thread since mid-December. On December 13th I tried the baking soda. It worked for the most part, but as it got later in the day the stink started to come through. So, on December 14th I tried the lemon as suggested- OMG! IT…
    in Deodorant Comment by Munchie
  • So, I’ve been reading and following this thread now since December 31st. I went no poo, that day having read through I think it was at 13 pages at that point… and I read through some of the other INSANELY long threads on other sites. So, it’s been w…
  • I know this is an old topic, but I just came across it. The only things canned foods are good for are as paper weights and keeping me fed after a hurricane before the Red Cross has a path to come through with fresh food and water.
    in What the @#$%? Comment by Munchie
  • Sarasota, FL ** :o)