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  • Sounds like someone around here (goneraw.com) may have to bring to fruition what could be a million $ idea - creating a raw-food culinary school... since apparently one does not exist yet. There may be a way to do it online... But I actually work at…
    in Raw Chef-ism Comment by LTMeadows
  • I've been away for a while also and came back to see the new design of the site. It's kool except for I liked the recipe section better when it listed the required tools for each recipe (juicer, dehydrator, blender, food processor). It's difficult f…
  • I was thinking about asking this q too because I’ve seen so many recipes calling for young coconut. At first I thought there must be alot of people on here who live very close or on the equator… LoL. Thanks from me too rawclaire.
  • Thanks Gwen! I was thinking I suppose of also the lack of raw “tools” – dehydrator, juicer, etc. I’m not that disciplined yet to not get tired of having salad all the time which is all i could imagine with the travelling.
    in Q to Raw Nomads Comment by LTMeadows
  • Might be redundant but I also am a fan of yerba mate. Have been ever since I was motivated to try it after seeing the film Motorcycle Diaries. I also like chai… those are my current favorites but I’ll drink just about any kind of tea. By the way, my…
  • Thanks Carmentina! I was looking to see if anyone started a topic on sprouting (which I would have if not) because I’ve had trouble with it and that website sproutpeople.com seems like it will be very helpful.
    in Sprouting??? Comment by LTMeadows
  • Hey Ceci, I’m in the DC area too. I plugged a semi-raw place in the product/event section called Everlasting Life. There may also be a place or 2 on http://vegdc.com. And, RawVee alerted me to a place called www.NaturalZing.com. Hope that helps.
  • Looks like I’m too late to join the fun… however, it’s both with now seeing the post and having already recently done a cleanse myself. Good luck to everyone participating or whom will in the future.
  • Interesting… it says it’s currently sold out so I guess there are some folks who like it.
  • Physically and Mentally – The Washington D.C. area. Spiritually – Trinidad & Tobago