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  • yes Kelly, I'm sure. At first I thought it was just detox, but after a couple of months of it getting really bad, I realized that it was not going to improve unless I changed my diet. So I cut out all sugar, and the rash is now gone.
  • I wonder why I keep hearing people talk about high fruit vs. high fat? I eat a ton of fruit while following the Phase 1 diet of Gabriel Cousins. This is what cured my candida. It has been several months, and I've been feeling fine. I'm ready to star…
  • eczema is usually caused from food allergies or from dry skin. You might want to try to rehydrate with shea butter or coconut oil after bath/shower. Also, if there are any new foods that you've been eating around the time you first discovered the ec…
    in eczema Comment by littlegems
  • this is such a personal journey, there is no "one way" to go 100% raw. I think that for those who have serious abuse in their lives, they will have such a more difficult journey towards overall healing. It might take many years to work through it. I…
    in Raw & Abuse Comment by littlegems
  • I heard that new study mentioned on the radio yesterday. I'm happy to know that this knowledge is being discussed in the media, finally!
  • I buy the Trader Joe's raw sunflower seeds and they sprout just fine. But I don't eat many nuts (my daughter is allergic), so I don't know about the nuts.
  • I used to have dreadlocks for about 7 years, and they ended up very long. My reasons for growing them were spiritual, and they really helped me set myself apart from society in a way that was important for me at the time. However, the weight of them…
    in Dreadlocks Comment by littlegems
  • If I didn't have a kid and responsibilities I'd love to go work there for a while, it sounds like an amazing place. I was just now looking at their website to think about vacationing there someday. :)
  • get her some Red Raspberry Leaf tea... loose leaf is best... and some Nettles loose leaf tea too. They are perfect to drink throughout pregnancy and boost up on Vitamin K for the baby, as well as great source of nutrition. Also great when Breastfeed…
  • thanks Twitch! well said... especially the "great googly moogly" part
  • last year for my b-day I made myself the best chocolate cake EVER! It was from Ani Phyo's book, and it uses brazilnuts as the base. It was so amazingly delicious, and quick and easy to make too. Happy Birthday! :)
  • whenever I get headaches I am usually dehydrated. Try drinking more water. I hope you feel better soon.
    in Head Aches Comment by littlegems
  • I tried raw leeks once... and only once. They were too tough, bitter, and spicy in my recipe. I much prefer green onions.
  • Thanks for the tips! I'm going to definitely try that green smoothie recipe RawLibrarian, thanks! I'm going to stick it out a bit more. I think partly I haven't been drinking enough water, and in my dehydration I'm craving juicy fruit. So I'm going …
  • One of my all time favorites is The Seat Of The Soul, by Gary Zukov
  • My ex-husband's family is from Ghana West Africa and he would always eat the skin and the pit of the avocado. He also ate the skin of the garlic clove. I never could quite get used to it though.
  • Super Baby Food is a book that I found very useful when my daughter was a toddler. It lists lots of nutrition info and portions for toddlers, so you know how much they should be eating of which fruit and veggie, etc. It sounds like if your kids are …
  • the myspace page indicates it is available for booking a vacation... I'm seriously considering it. But I'd have to figure out when we could get away... would the summer time be too unbearably hot???
  • that looks divine :)
  • It looks like a dream come true. I am considering vacationing there this summer, since I have an almost 7 year old and I don't want to pull her out of school for a vacation. Your myspace page indicates people can rent a campsite for a month at a tim…
  • yum. I've been enjoying a salad topped with guacamole and homemade salsa and eating it with red cabbage leaves.
  • I love shredded zucchini with a pesto sauce, diced cherry tomato and diced red pepper, warmed for a couple of hours in the dehydrator. yum :)
  • I agree Beany Beegan... I haven't gotten sick since eating raw last April! My daughter is eating healthier too, although not as raw as me, but still, she just gets little colds, and not horrible flu like her friends at school. I don't think this pro…
    in it is begininng Comment by littlegems
  • how about blending fresh peas with some water, onion, garlic, oregano, and some other seasoning? that might be yummy
  • I used to have a green smoothie or a fruit salad most mornings. But now I'm taking a break on sweet fruit for a few months. So this month I eat either a simple salad with lemon juice dressing, or a cereal made of : chia sees aloe juice diced cucumbe…
  • wow, thank you for posting this! I'm thoroughly enjoying the lecture, what a huge discovery!
    in Nassim Haramein Comment by littlegems
  • LOL glamazon! hey, I'm up for it if you are vegansquared! my email is karen@littlegemsonline.com sorry for hijacking this thread though.
  • I think that those of us who live a raw lifestyle find it difficult to mingle in mainstream society; that goes for men as well as women. I find it difficult to eat in restaurants, etc. because the only salads they offer are boring non-organic ones t…
  • I just made a batch of sprouted garbanzo bean hummus and it wasn't very good until I added sundried tomato! that made all the difference.
  • hey, I'm close to Berkeley... are you in the raw meetup.org group? If not, check it out, we meet every month, often at Reggie's Raw Food To Go in Emeryville. :)