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  • From reading posts here and there I got the general impression that young coconuts and their water is better than older. In Central america it is also used as a medicin, and then it is the young coconuts with the 'meat' inbetween jelly and mature...…
  • I love the taste of the nuts after they are soaked, especially almonds. The taste is richer and fuller. I'd just put a handful in water before going to bed, its just making a new habit girls and guys Life is too short to not make healthy habits >…
  • About transitioning.. sometimes it is like this; you feel you are restricting yourself and you are beig 'good' Then fats are the most similar to cooked food and you can overeat to compensate for the lack of cooked foods, or eat more of it to continu…
  • The kassava root is a great detoxifier. You have to boil it...
  • Exercise- physical work-regular walks Psyllium husk Flax seeds Liquorice (soft) Pomelo fruit , citrus fruits Freshly made Apple juice Coconut water Tamarind beans Senna tea (very strong) Oatmeal porridge Aloe Vera Juice Strong Coffee freshly grinded…
  • Hi formosa! I am in Thailand myself and the selection of food differs much from what is common use for many of the recipes on goneraw. Maybe the Taiwan market has similar greens as Thailand? I'd love to share recipes with all asian dwellers on the s…
  • Houttunyia Cordata or4 fishwort is an excellent healing plant
    in Healing foods? Comment by corecries
  • great advice jenny :)
  • I hear you Annabelle about the constant comments on your food habits, but I see this as great opportunities to inform people of the benefits of being raw and vegetarian. There are many misconceptions and these social discussions are great for cleari…
  • I dont have a problem with food when going to parties or such, it is most of the time made a problem by non vegetarians/raw/vegans. After 20 years I know there might be very little to eat and I am prepared for that, no hard feelings or a big deal. I…
  • How is it going now?
    in Anti-fungal Comment by corecries
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar can be used topically. Borax is great for fungus.. Do check earthclinic.com for more info on the use. There is also a cream for babyrash that seems to work wonders, I forget the name, balmex?? I.m sure you'll come across …
    in Anti-fungal Comment by corecries
  • What are Trolls? Sounds like it was more tightly knit before, what was the diffference? I am new and I really appreciate this forum, it is very supportive and informative. So thanks goes to the people who run it :) and the people who make it /...us …
  • kthornton I wet my face and add a pinch of baking soda to my palm, rub them together and then gently exfoliate my face., then rinse thoroughly every night and sometimes in the morning. Some use a teaspoon and mix with water to make a paste, I think …
    in Really Dry Skin Comment by corecries
  • I now use baking soda to exfoliate and wash, it does wonders to the skin! I hope baking soda is ok..any comments on it?
    in Really Dry Skin Comment by corecries
  • I found this about regular moisturizers.. http://www.livingnetwork.co.za/drclarknetwork/borax_soap.html we have been putting aluminium on our skin!!!
    in Really Dry Skin Comment by corecries
  • Try some magnesium in your diet, a good source would be sunflower seeds (pumpkin too???) It helps against depression.
  • Try using rocket in your salads, I find it to be very appetizing and is a great plant. other names for it are Roquette and arugula
  • I live right next to a tea plantation, and I sure hope your tea is organic!
  • I heard many with POD use coconut oil to cure it, might help with herpes too. I found a great site called earthclinic, it has lots of reviews from people on non chemical medicine.
  • Perioral Dermatitis is cured on many with organic apple cider vinegar, (while we are on the oral :) )
  • Boils.. I have read that drinking a ts of turmeric in hot water twice a day makes boils go away fast.. I just found it on my searches aout dermatitis on earthclinic. Maybe that could help you .
  • Hi, I have an effective method. I was attacked by bed bugs in Canada once, they lived in an old mattress. I covered the mattress in Transparent plastic, made it airtight and put it strong sunlight for several days. After that the bedbugs were gone. …
  • There are times I get sudden urges for particular food which I follow, and I find out later that it was exactly what the body was craving to heal up.
  • I spent some months in spain recently and ate elderberries from the tree, I became nauseous the first time I ate these and did some research. It turns out there are different kinds of elderberries and some varieties can be toxic. If its not the cyan…
  • Some spices gives appetite, like cumin
  • Mushrooms do suck up pollutants from the air very fast. They are permeable. There are some kinds of mushrooms that have great medicinal effects of various diseases, this I believe. As for eating regular mushrooms, better chose organic with less toxi…
  • Its a flower :)
  • Hi, I would rather take the bus or train. Its cheaper, better for the environment too. Shake off the seed :) We often have problems because we make the problems by over-focusing on things
    in Thanks! Comment by corecries