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  • I drink it regurlarly to cleanse the body and to lose some weight. I have combined acv with physical activity before and it was great to use for losing some extra pounds. I see it as a very safe and slow weightloss/cleansing remedy. If you go to ear…
  • I use baking soda as an exfolliant- works great on the face. There are some great websites out thee for natural soaps and cleaners Basic Shampoo for Normal Hair Ingredients * 1/4 cup water * 1/4 cup liquid Castile Soap * 1/2 tsp light vegetable oil …
  • Thank you everyone- this is really helpful.going to amazon now to fill the order :)
    in Cookbooks Comment by corecries
  • Well- the little I know about it is that lack of magnesium can lead to depression, loss of appetite and feeling tired.. best way would be to see your doc and take a test. But if you eat enough nuts seeds and greens u should be ok..
    in Magnesium Comment by corecries
  • It is lovely! Thanks for the link :)
  • I totally forgot juicers with mill- do you need or use this? Just found a website for champion juicers..
    in Equipment Comment by corecries
  • Wow! Great answers! I agree in investing in good quality equipment- it is cheaper in the long run. Thanks a lot for sharing your best equipments here. I will start looking for cuisineart and a dehydrator pretty soon- good to have others experience t…
    in Equipment Comment by corecries
  • You should be careful about eating just any gras- there are some fungus growth on grasses that can be deadly to humans- its rare tho. About growing wheat grass- its so easy! Jusst soak- rinse and its up in a few days! Thanks for the edible lawn link…
  • Moulinex blender with a dry mill- works fine for me . Becoming a great fan of smoothies for breakfast!
    in Flax Seed Comment by corecries
  • Question; if the flax seeds are grinded dry- do you still consider it raw food? I mean if its soaked it starts to come alive filled with enzymez.. If you soak Flax powder will it do the same??
    in Flax Seed Comment by corecries
  • I jsut watched this interesting documentary and listen to it on the end- the highest amount of fat or use of fat in the body is found in the eyes and brain, so maybe a supplement of omega 3 or dha creates a healthier ' eye environent' Just a thought…
    in eye parasite Comment by corecries
  • Woah! Scary!! Using contact lenses I often see bacteria or cells of some kind moving on/over my eyes when looking at a clear background like the sky. This is normal bacteria and I thought at first this is what you are talking about- just normal bact…
    in eye parasite Comment by corecries
  • Suasoria- do you need a live in gardener to keep up those great views? :D
  • I think- if you grow your own vegetables- most tropical countries will have an abundance of foods for you- making it easy to be a vegan. I live in Thailand, and the markets are like oasis', but they do spray their food with higher doses than allowed…
  • Pixx Thank you, but this one seems to be only for us and canadians also. I can search around, I appreciate that you tried another link though. I have read about the Hunza's many years ago and been impressed by them, I used to get minerals from that …
  • grr,, the ling to the movie The Future of Food cannot be seen outside of the US.... HULU is for Americans
  • Thank you wichten. Not so easy to aSk people thou, they speak a different language. :)
    in Non edible Raw's Comment by corecries
  • It tastes great and there is no nausea!
  • Thank you all for the info- I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to my experience with it now. The gras is an inch tall now, I grew it just in a bowl with water and now I have set it out in organic soil and watered it so the roots are somewh…
  • there are some easy things you can do to get thicker hair- massage your scalp daily and make it a habit. This enhances blood ciciulation and the strenghtens the roots . Use oils or rinsewater with rosmary to also enhance circulation. Bergamot is a p…
    in thin hair Comment by corecries
  • And those foods are?.. I think sunflower and pumkin seeds. are two... Cocoa butter is excellent for skin but this when you are pregnant, - Massage the areas is my suggesion, with an oil that enhances circulation - maybe rosemary? Looking forward to …
    in stretch marks... Comment by corecries
  • Thank you so much for the answers, It is he taste and the crunch I crave. I dont think its the sugar but I might be wrong- They are very tasty this season- ususally they can get a little bitter, but now they are just right. Not too sweet.
  • Some vegetables and fruits you can also dehydrate before they go bad and use later . Also storing vegetables that have some roots in a little water as 'pot-plants Some wilted vegetables bounce back to life when cut and put in water for an hour or mo…
  • :) Funny The pink Dragonfruit does the same :) http://www.tropicalfruitnursery.com/dragon/pages/voodoo.htm
  • Have a look at earthclinic.com I could recommend Organic apple cider vinegar and vitamin C Guava has 4 times more vit C than oranges, if you can get them In any case, to find out why/what is the key, seems to be connected to digestion (sinus /bladde…
  • Woman here... I started drinking 1 tbs of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water twice a day . My sex drive has soared and I only saw the connection after reading about others having the same effect from ACV.
  • I'd sit with you carnap, covered too.. I actually would love to live in a place like this, make a mud house, eat raw..low impact living. I am building a mud house right now in the jungle of northern thailand,, but hawaii is tempting. I heard its cos…
  • wish I lived in US now :)
  • There are some plants called adaptogens that are very helpful . These adaptogens return the homeostasis in the body and are great for recovering after serious illness. I will recommend Jiaoculan (Phentaphyllum Gynostemma) to boost the immune system …
  • Could it be something so simple as the material in your undies? Or the detergent ? What changed 1 year ago? What happened 1 year ago?
    in Rash Comment by corecries