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  • I think it's a great idea to give yourself a plan or template - I'm not 100% raw but I try to do raw days sometimes and it helps me to plan ahead and figure out before-hand what my meal plan for the day will be. I know with this exact menu that you'…
    in Weight loss :) Comment by chai
  • Did the naturopath order a blood culture or mention where exactly the candida infection is located?
    in Advice please? Comment by chai
  • Start with one leaf and work your way up :) You won't even really taste it! I know you said you don't personally like pineapple, but I happen to love pineapple and a kale leaf in my smoothies (with some cashews and another fruit like peach). I was r…
  • According to my hematology textbook, the average adult will lose 1 mg of iron per day to cellular shedding and sweating. A menstruating woman loses 2 mg per day, and a pregnant or lactating woman typically loses 3 mg per day but could lose as high a…
  • RawEnglishTeechr, Did your doctor discuss treatment options with you, or possible causes of the anemia? Blizz was spot-on with the advice about the spinach, and the advice about eating fruits rich in vitamin c when trying to increase iron absorption…
  • kelly, "if you get tested, doctors will tell you that you are deficient, because they are taught to use rda levels for vitamins and minerals." I just wanted to point out that serum iron levels are only part of the picture when a doctor suspects iron…
  • May I ask where you got your rice recipe? I'm intrigued :)
  • If it tastes kind of like vomit, it sounds to me like it may have gone rancid...
  • Have you eaten raw broccoli before? I don't know what it is about the stuff but it makes me sick every single time! I think some people just can't digest it. Seconding the suggestions for peppermint or chamomile tea. Fennel tea is supposed to be hel…
    in upset tummy Comment by chai
  • Hey Starr, thanks for your response :) I'll definitely e-mail you sometime. I take yoga too! I did Ashtanga until an old shoulder injury of mine flared up, so now I'm just keeping it gentle and doing Rodney Yee's Back Care Yoga when I have the time …
  • LittleRawGirl Quick troubleshooting tip: Look at the whites of your eyes. Are they yellowish? If so, then you do have jaundice, which indicates a problem with your either your liver, gallbladder, or blood. This is a serious condition which warrants …
  • Oh, god, I've had the same problem for years. My doctor told me I have eczema and I've tried both cortisone cream and elocom lotion and neither will make it go away for more than a few days. Sometimes the skin around my eyes get so dry and cracked t…
  • Fatigue is a major symptom in anemia. You should be tested for it, if you haven't been already. There are many different types of anemia, including iron deficiency, aplastic, b-12 deficiency, and anemia of chronic disease. If your cancer was a leuke…
  • I love eating ripe avocados plain. They are good in salads, though. I mix them with sliced mango and squeeze lime juice over them.
    in Avocados Comment by chai
  • I live in a town a couple of hours away from you, melaverde. Do you chat on MSN?
    in From Canada anyone? Comment by chai