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  • Corecries, how do you use the baking soda?... just mix it with water? My skin is so dry it feels like I have scales!
  • the main problem I run into at college is that so many people believe everything they've been told...like eating meat and dairy is essential to good health...when all of us here know that is not true. (I mean dairy in the sense of milk and cheese, n…
  • I sort of invented this recipe one day...it's nothing fancy but makes a great snack or breakfast. Sorry for not having exact measurements, I just always throw stuff together without measuring anything. 1 cubed apple 1 handful of blueberries 1 handfu…
  • Something we learned in one of my nursing classes.. urine, in fact, is completely sterile, if coming from a healthy person. During the Civil War many soldiers, not wanting to waste their clean drinking water, would wash out wounds with their urine. …
  • thanks for the tips! Sadly, fresh corn is not available in Ohio during the winter months :( guess I'll have to wait till summer to try.
  • 3crows, I feel the same way! Yesterday we got about 4 inches of snow in Ohio and no matter what I tried I could not stay warm! I'm thinking about getting some herbal tea and heating it up a bit so it's warm, but not hot. Do you have a dog or cat?...…
  • Bean & Kyko, Thankfully, I don't have the same problem you two do...I've already dropped about 7 pounds so I'm feeling pretty good about the new diet. However, as a nursing student I have a little bit of advice that might help...DRINK WATER!!! l…
  • My apologizes waterbaby...I guess that would be kind of helpful, wouldn't it?! I'm in Ohio...Dayton, to be exact. Do they have Trader Joe's in Kentucky? They target vegetarians/vegans and organic eaters. Maybe I just overlooked them...
  • Just curious.. (and by NO means am I trying to start a political battle here--it's not the time nor place...however, something I found ironic that left me confused)... there is overwhelming support to put an end to Codex and the limitations they pla…
    in Codex Comment by kthornton19
  • IWWkevin -- I was never a vegan to begin with. I'm just trying to incorporate a more healthy lifestyle. I'm sure people argue whether or not raw fish is healthy or not, but I love it and will occasionaly indulge.
  • I'm guessing about about 90-95% raw at this point...mainly because I have yet to find a raw salad dressing I like so I usually use the SAD version of ranch. Every once in awhile I'll have some beans or some raw fish (I'm a sushi addict!)...but even …
  • Thanks for all the recipe ideas! =)
    in Sushi? Comment by kthornton19
  • Thanks for your advice! That's kind of what I was thinking as well. I'm just worried that I'm not going to get enough protein and calcium in my diet. I suppose with a little research I can find ways to include both in a regular diet.
    in Sushi? Comment by kthornton19
  • that was surely enlightening to read.. wish I would have joined in when the topic was still hot..
    in OBAMA WON!!!!! Comment by kthornton19
  • 1. bananas 2. my own recipie of "apple cobbler" (a cubed apple, handful of sunflower seeds, handful of raisins, some olive oil and cinnamon all shaken up) 3. banana, kiwi, apple, tomato, spinach
  • Lady Le Harle, that's such a good idea about eating out at restaurants. I made the mistake of trying to explain the raw diet to the waitress I had the other night but aparently had no luck with it since the salad I got served had chicken strips in i…
  • Maybe that's what people mean when they say that people who eat raw or vegan have a certain "glow" about them.. maybe their eyes have more spark to them and their skin just shines which gives off a positive energy.. I've never thought about that but…
  • Dayton, Ohio