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  • I used to get weighed down by percentages. I was strict 811 but have since changed my diet to suit me. I had a cooked vegan christmas dinner and really enoyed it but I rarely eat cooked, the odd soup. I don't eat dehydrated foods, only if I go for a…
  • I have my green smoothie immediately after making it. Leaving it impairs the flavour for me. I usually have: 1 head of romaine or 200g spinach 1-2 ripe bananas 1tbsp sprouted flax powder Nutty green yummy.
  • Yes!!! My mum once commented on how she could actually see my skin flaring up infront of her!
  • My skin is drying out because I have a short course of Roaccutane. I have very high levels of candida and only when I switched to high fruit did my skin flare up in such a way. It may just be coincidence... who knows. I have been reading into Dr Per…
  • I was waiting to see if you someone could give you some advice but I'll share my story whilst we wait!!! I went raw last November and within two weeks my skin was clear, I had that glow that people speak of. It was great! I was drinking a simple gre…
  • I came off the pill in November, developed full blown acne in February (I'm 27) and haven't had a period since the day I quit the pill! I took a huge step (backwards???) and went back on it a few days ago. It's not great but neither is not wanting t…
    in Period talk Comment by ladydaventry
  • But then what's more imporant? Staying raw or avoiding fat? The whole fat debate really grinds on me. I am 811, I mainly just eat fruit but I'm not going to forsake raw for cooked - I'd rather have a bowlful of ripe avocadoes!
    in Fat craving Comment by ladydaventry
  • Go to the doctor. I have had shingles three times and it is a nasty thing to suffer. It can cause scarring too. The sooner you get some antivirals thew better. That said I have never tried any herbal remedies when I had had shingles but then again I…
  • Frozen bananas are the best! Frozen mango makes a beautiful sorbet and Bryan Au has a recipe for coconut sorbet, simply water, coconut and some agave.
  • Brekkie - 1 small rockmelon Snack - 3 bananas and 3 mini sugar bananas Lunch - 2 small cherimoya, 200 red grapes Snack - 6 peaches Dinner - small avo with lime juice and 3 carrot to dip 2 hours later - 200g spinach with 200g grape tomatoes, 1 cucumb…
  • So far... 5 passionfruit with 2 bananas and 1/6 of a pineapple. The past few days have been awful as I have a big (cooked) catering event on saturday so I have been having to cook and taste things.
  • Up until recently I was still managing to drink beer but then something changed. After a few sips of a can at a party I felt instantly drunk (ha cheap date!) and then very ill. I spent the next day unable to get out of bed, I haven't touched a beer …
  • I'm in London, UK!! Plenty of raw places in central London to keep you busy. I am still trying to find a decent fruit 'n' veg market near to central London, not having much luck on that front.
    in London Comment by ladydaventry
  • What would you put in a smoothie? Do you juice spinach etc... first then blend it with bananas etc...? I got a huge fresh watermelon, I'm juicing that for breakfast tomorrow!
  • I eat fruit, salad greens and avocados. No nuts but occasionally I have sunflower seeds. I'll carry on with my green juice and definitely try the watermelon juice, I bet that is so refreshing!! Off to Australia on Wednesday so atleast there I can ha…
  • Have you been having the juice as well as meals? My skin is so terribly dry and I used coconut oil last week and woke up with a huge breakout; it's just too rich for my face. What juices have you been doing? Mine are a mix of lemon, apple, ginger, r…
  • Oh gosh I know how you feel! I started juicing yesterday, two lovely green juices. This morning I was very ill and still can't stomach anything. Perhaps I used too much ginger.
  • My face is incredibly dry - I know my job doesn't help but when I am in the air I drink gallons of water. It is literally peeling off and I am quite scared. I have just come off the pill so I suppose my body is going through some changes.
  • Unfortunately I drink both tea and coffee - but plenty of herbal teas, especially when I am at work. I have always loved coffee, I used to be a barista but my mother had me drinking it from when I was much younger!! Lemon and ginger tea and peppermi…
  • The carrots are giving you a mega blast of beta carotene Vitamin A. Roaccutane is basically just a huge dose of Vitamin A. Determined not to take the roaccutane I been given by my dermatologist I have also just upped my Vitamin A consumption. My ski…
  • For me, I just loved apple cider vinegar mixed with cold pressed olive oil and if you want, a little bit of raw honey and raw tahini.
  • And it's uber expensive, given the rate I demolish the stuff!!!! I have seen it at the Whole Foods Market. Perhaps one day when I'm feeling flush...
  • I love tahini! I eat it straight from the jar!! Unfortunately I cannot find raw tahini in the UK so I use a light organic one. The dark version is bitter. A big bag of carrots and a jar of tahini makes me a very happy lady indeed!!
  • I have been considering coming off the pill, it has been a long and fraught 12 years!! I don't think my skin could get any worse being off the pill but I do have my concerns. I am still in the transition phase but last week I had 4 raw days in a row…
    in The Pill Comment by ladydaventry
  • I know what you mean, sprouts, mushrooms and broccoli all taste earthy. Raw mushrooms an absolute no no for me. Thank goodness for carrots, cabbage and cauliflower!! They taste ace raw.
  • I always lose the will to live when I do flights to Vegas - urghh! But if you want to holiday there, check this out: http://www.gorawcafe.com/ The big garish shopping malls have lots of juice stands too. You can gatecrash most of the big hotels for …
    in Las Vegas Comment by ladydaventry
  • My brother is allergic to brazil nuts and I suffered from anaphylactic shock this year, having always been fine with then. Peanuts and almonds are the only nutty things I trust! Even then I only eat them rarely.
  • I gave up for two years but started again last year (stranded in Georgia, no not your one, locked in the hotel, up to my eyebrows with teargas, all I could do was sit at the bar and drink beers and smoke…) I do love it though. I’m not a remorseful s…
  • It’s just a shame about Prop 8… The result really surprised me.
  • This is the area where I need most help!! I take fresh and dried fruit and a leafy salad, which normally wilts after a few hours. I can’t take any liquid on board (I work on aeroplanes) so I can’t take homemade soups.