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  • i wouldnt know. i cant even drink 1/2 a cup of that stuff. It smells & tastes like a forest fire lol
  • Thanks!
  • I do eat more fruit than the average american, but i can say the same for vegetables. for instance yesterday i had a grapefruit, an apple, strawberries, a small orange and 1 piece of dried mango. And i didnt eat anything i dont normally eat. whats w…
  • It's the high enzymes. Pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain, which digests food by breaking down protein. Pineapple juice can thus be used as a marinade and tenderizer for meat. imagine that on your tongue.
    in Pimple on tounge Comment by magpie89
  • lol (comparing coconuts to breasts) =P haha I looked perfect on the outside and smelt normal, however i didnt dare taste it haha
  • I like my applesauce. de-seed & stem 4 apples. put in blender with some cinnamon, a splash of lemon juice and about 6 soaked almonds. its yummy
  • I did! at the farmers market last week. she was working at a organic vegetable & fruit stand.
  • My bladder is all messed up. When I was 17 I got my first UTI. It was horrible. It felt like someone was using my bladder as a punching bag and my urine had blood in it. blah. since then I get UTI's super easy. If I do a little *something something*…
  • I take melatonin
  • Ok thank you every one for all the advice. but let me explain... Raweverthing: I do also drink plenty of water & herbal everyday, but i drink lemon water everyday because of it's very benefitial to health & also I have a problem with my sinu…
    in Ouch my teeth :[ Comment by magpie89
  • you could use some kind of powder. like spiralina, chia seeds & flax seeds formed together with some kind of base? Maybe mixed with some raw cacoa powder or carob powder ... crap..that sounds good lol. *runs to kitchen*
  • I've never been bitten by a tick however BEFORE i was eating one clove of garlic a day I was MASSACRED by mosquitoes. Now i eat garlic & they stay away from me. Fly's too actually..
    in Ticks love me? Comment by magpie89
  • I noticed protein and lemon/orange juice gives me lots of energy. Before i have been working out i juice 5 lemons, and 3 small oranges, then mix the juice with two tablespoons of chia seeds. It helps Greatly
  • I don't know if over eating processed poison "Food" to the point were you are so depressed & over weight you got to the point of being afraid to leave your bedroom is a eating disorder, but if it is, than that is what got me into raw. I still ve…
  • the only thing you can do is cut one of them out for a few days & see what happens. if it gets worse or stays as bad but the other out and eat the first thing you cut out. see what happens
  • bwhahaha yeah seriously. i completely SWORE OFF watermelon from my life because i was so sick of it, but recently i've been craving it. haha
  • nancyk. You only ate one 20IB watermelon in 4 days? hmm. i was under the impression you were supposed to eat large amounts. (At least thats what i was reading everywhere) I ate a 15-20 pound each day.
  • mine wasnt certified organic but i got it from a local farmer that doesnt use pesticides or herbicides.
  • Dang I got my watermelon for 19 cents a pound lol. Good luck!
  • Wow 4 months. yay!!!!! No i didnt detox off caffeine. I tried to stay away from it as much as possible before i even learned about raw because it makes my depression & anxiety worse, and also makes it also harder to sleep at night. The majority …
  • I don't think it was sugar. The bread I ate is sugar & sodium free. Theres actually very few ingredients in it. Really, I actually didn't know fruit was a carb. Hmm. I think at that moment if I had known fruit was a carb I would still eaten the …
  • I learned about raw this last February. It's been trial & error. When I learned about raw I had just stopped eating fast food...Then I removed red meat, chemicals, ..then dairy...then all other meat ect. I was still learning what was bad & w…
  • I discovered just the juice of one lemon mixed with a little bit of water before bed does the trick. Wow, rather easy solution to something that has been destroying my sleep for a long time. Well I tried to do the 3 day watermelon cleanse. Sorry if …
  • Uh blah a colonic?? I tried that before, I...no, never again. lol Im starting the watermelon cleanse tomorrow. I'll do some thinking and decide what my next move will be. And thank you guys for the advice about the oregano oil. I'm going to get myse…
  • Thanks nancyk but I actually think maybe if I drink lemon-orange juice it will help the mucus. I noticed last night it went right away and I slept so soundly. I'm going to try again today when the mucus comes back. (Assuming it does) lol
  • OMG! Luxdivon!!! You are NOT going to believe this!!!!!!! This is probably the CRAZIEST coincidence!!!!!! That lemon, grapefruit, orange water stuff I mentioned. I drank a HUGE amount in just a matter of a couple minutes. Anyways right after I wrote…
  • I am going to do a watermelon cleanse probably in two days. I got a load of vegi's in the fridge that need eating and im soaking some pumpkin seeds for a salad tomorrow plus i made a huge batch of this awesome lemon, grapefruit, orange water stuff, …
  • luxdivon. Oh my gosh i just read your old thread about you expelling those liver flukes. I saw the picture and ive been reading a lot. I had NO IDEA! I am SO grossed out. I wish I could get those out right now!!! (if there in there that is) Now I am…
  • Oh wow thank you luxdivon. Hmmm the watermelon cleanse sounds a lot cheaper haha I was thinking and I do think I need to do some kind of drastic cleanse. Before I learned about raw I put my body through hell and also repressed a lot of feelings. I r…
  • Does anyone know anything about my emotional distress I am experiencing. any herb that may help. My anxiety isn't as big as a problem as this negative energy thing is. to be honest I'm very frightened. I was barely holding on a thread last night, I …