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  • Cool! Nice to meet you too! Do you go to the Toronto Raw Vegan Meetup Groups? My friend and I organize the York Region Raw Vegan Meetup Groups once a month at Nature's Emporium in Newmarket. You should come next time. I think that we might have it o…
    in Another New Canadian! Comment by AVL
  • Welcome birdpooped! I'm also from Ontario. Where are you from? I'm from Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto.
    in Another New Canadian! Comment by AVL
  • stylestacey, cool show! I just finished watching it. I wish that I lived in an area when I could forage for fruit just walking down the street. There aren't many opportunities in Toronto! I'm gonna have to move to LA soon to take advantage of that :…
    in My Fruitarian TV show Comment by AVL
  • jamille, I stopped taking BC pills last November, after having been on them for 10 years. I didn't get my period for 6 months and the first couple ones were very light and short. It's now October (10 months later) and they are starting to get back t…
  • Tim Van Orden & Douglas Graham!
    in Your raw food idols? Comment by AVL
  • Ha ha! I'm not big on papaya either. I think that's probably going to be the toughest part (maybe the water fast too!). I know, I LOVE melon too! So it's the perfect detox diet (minus the papaya!). I just started this morning, so I'll let you know h…
    in Yogic Melon Detox Comment by AVL
  • I've done it (but only for a weekend, not a week), and I LOVED it! I also really like freezing them and eating frozen grapes in front of the TV. I've also doen a melon feast for 1 week. It wasn't only watermelon, but I ate cantaloupe, honeydew and w…
    in Grapes Comment by AVL
  • Ha Ha!!! You are right Joanna, it was TOTALLY written for me :) What a coincidence!
  • It's so funny you say that because I tried for the first time last weekend and I didn't like it either. The smell of it wasn't too bad but it tasted like sauteed onions...yuk! I also had that taste in my mouth all evening and the next morning despit…
  • Ya raw corn is really good! I put it in salads and it adds a little sweet taste to it. As for it being easy to digest...well I find to comes out the same way that it comes in, but I don't get cramps or bloating from it
    in Raw corn Comment by AVL
  • I got one for "I" ITA PALM The ita palm, Mauritia flexuosa, is a tall palm tree native to tropical regions of South America. The fruit grows in bunches that can weigh 110 pounds. They are covered in reddish-brown or reddish-yellow scales. At the cen…
    in Fruit Game :) Comment by AVL
  • Durianrider - thanks for the advice :) I think that out of the things that you mentioned, the "hardcore exercise with little recovery time" would apply to me the most. I don't eat too much fat, get plenty of hydration in my system, never eat salt (o…
    in High liver enzymes Comment by AVL
  • You are right rawmamanibbles! I am high fruit :) I rarely eat nuts/seeds or any added fats. I pretty much stick to fruit, although lately I've had some non raw foods, like gluten-free craackers & breads and vegetarian sushi with rice. But that's…
    in High liver enzymes Comment by AVL
  • Hi Chad! I'm from Richmond Hill, so just about 20min north of Toronto. What restaurant do you work? I've only been to Live. Do you work there? Are there any other good raw restaurants that you would recommend?
    in Hello! Comment by AVL
  • Tweedle, I totally eat mono meals of melons, they are awesome! It's my favorite fruit to eat as a meal. It's light, juicy, sweet and filling and at once :) You can't go wrong with melons! Try eating a variety of melons rather than just watermelon. A…
    in Banana Island. Comment by AVL
  • Hey I also came off the pill in November and still haven't gotten my period either. I don't know if reflexology would help, I'd be interested to know too.
    in Reflexology Comment by AVL
  • Where are you from? In Canada we have "The Running Room". It's a store for runners, but they also offer running clinics.
    in Sick during a jog Comment by AVL
  • Yes I'm doing 8/1/1 (at least I'm trying as much as possible). I don't count everything, but I stick to fruit pretty much all day and I'll also have some greens in my smoothies and/or salads. As for fats, I don't have that much and if I do I'll have…
    in Sick during a jog Comment by AVL
  • Oh ya, I forgot to mention that the refueling recipes I suggested above are for my breakfast, not a snack, that's why they portions seem large.
    in Sick during a jog Comment by AVL
  • I like to either make a smoothie or eat a melon salad (it's SO refreshing) Smoothie (that's what I had this morning): 2 mangoes 1 cup blackberries 10 strawberries Handful of spinach or kale Melon salad: 1/2 small cantaloupe 1/2 small honeydew 1/2 mi…
    in Sick during a jog Comment by AVL
  • Fruit or even fresh fruit juice is very easy to digest. I usually run first thing in the morning, so I don't tend to eat breakfast until after my run. But I'll either have a banana, an orange or I'll squeeze 2 oranges to make orange juice. I'll have…
    in Sick during a jog Comment by AVL
  • Did you eat a lot before your run? Or maybe you hadn't eaten in a while and your blood sugar was low? If you are just starting to run, don't start too fast. It's good that you are following the couch to 5k plan. Maybe today was just an "off day". Tr…
    in Sick during a jog Comment by AVL
  • Yay for Yogi tea!!! I've never seen Pukka tea before (I Googled it, but I don't recognize the brand). Where do you buy it? I'm from Canada, but we have Whole Foods here, so could I find it there?
    in TEA Comment by AVL
  • I also have herbal teas when I need something to warm me up. I buy 'Traditional Medicinal' or 'Yogi' tea brands. I really like the taste of the Spearmint and Peppermint teas.
    in TEA Comment by AVL
  • Hi Ruth, I've been raw since last May (so almost a year). I had attempted it before but failed because I changed my diet too abruptly, so this time I made the transition a lot slower. I started off by cutting out all animal products and increasing m…
    in hello from ontario Comment by AVL
  • Hi Ruth! I'm from Ontario too (just north of Toronto). Agave is a natural sweetener made from a plant. There are many different opinions on whether Agave Nectar is truly raw or not, but it is often used in raw recipes. I found mine at Bulk Barn, but…
    in hello from ontario Comment by AVL
  • I just went on the Cathay Pacific website (I Googled cathay pacific + raw meal) and I found all their meal options. Their list is so long! Usually they offer meat, fish or vegetarian, but they cater to every nutritional need!
    in flying raw Comment by AVL
  • That's awesome! I had never heard of airlines offering raw meals (even if they weren't completely raw).
    in flying raw Comment by AVL
  • I love 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham!
  • I second kale chips! YUMMY :)