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  • Meee! I'm a raw teen. Definitely try making 'gourmet' raw foods to impress people and show off how awesome being raw is. I made a raw cake and everyone was like 'WOW, this is RAW?!". also, getting some friends to go vegetarian/vegan really helps goi…
  • sounds pretty interesting! I wonder about those traveling raw vegans; where do they get their income??
  • Buy in bulk. the local market I go to has, like, 20 mangoes for 8 dollars. cha-ching! use cost-co to the MAX! (if you're not strict on organic stuff). Soups and salads are good, because you only need a little bit of spices to really make the dishes.…
  • Although I don't personally like a lot of fat in my diet (makes me just..iiick), use soaked almonds to make 'cheese' to put on dehydrated crackers or something. Nuts, avocados, and oil-based dressings on stuff really make them heavier. For potatoes,…
  • OOH! a reaaalllyyy yummy recipe is this: meat from 1 coconut water (as needed) stevia (or sugar, or agave. really what you want) dates (optional) Blend meat with water until it becomes smooth (to a pudding-like consistency) and add sweetener of choi…
  • Wow, yeah, you seem very confused. Stick with the 80-10-10 diet (google it or something). You don't need meat or dairy or whatever. Eat lots of different veggies and fruits. What's in season is usually what's best.
  • Agreed. There's no excuse for eating meat.
    in Meat Comment by Darkthistlefaery
  • What they said! I really don't think calories matter TOO much if you FEEL you eat enough. (ONLY if you're eating mostly fruits and veggies, and limiting to a very small amount of nuts and oils/fats) Don't stress over it. :)
  • I have the same problem.. so, about what percentage of calories should come from fat? I really don't like eating THAT much, because it doesn't make me feel good. I've started incorporating flaxseed oil (cold pressed) into my smoothies (really makes …
  • Wow, I've read about half of these comments. They're all valid, but I personally like the sleeker look of the Blendtec. It's not as heavy, weird-looking, and fits really well under my countertop. I absolutely LOVE it. I'm definitely more into the Bl…