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  • Alta Dena is a great product! Can’t get it where I am now-usually see it on the west coast. Love it love it, sometimes I do feel a little dairy kind of gives me a cellular cushion-hard to explain what I mean, like my skin kind of shines after I have…
    in Raw cheese...... Comment by modhina
  • Hey Sillydog. Well sounds like this is the best thing for you. If you don’t mind my asking, what sorts of things can you not eat? How did you know your gallbladder wasn’t working? Hope you are feeling better now. Raw foods seem to really help the bo…
  • I am my own raw food guru!!!!!!!1 but might I humbly add I do like to take good advice when I hearreadsee it and I have learned alot from all of those established ‘raw foodists’ and blogs esp. David Wolfe and Shazzie Nomi Shannon, Juliano and those …
  • Hey eveildarkvirus-Did you see ‘Shell’s Kitchen’? She is from Brighton and has an blog with some amzng recipes and photos! Maybe there are some links on there.
    in No Dehydrator Comment by modhina
  • From what I read they have picked them early and then artificially enhanced the color—hey check this out tho, I got this bag of oranges that said they were artificially colored- I thought they meant with some sort of dye, but I guess it was the ethy…
  • I don’t doubt that for an instant they put oranges through mist of to change the color, or however they do it, but oranges do turn green on the trees people, I have seen them. Yes they start out green. If picked to young they will be green in the su…
  • and I say thank god for people who view it like you do or we’d all be huddled around the salad bar at the local steakhouse.peace-blessings
    in just a thought... Comment by modhina
  • hey thats classic sor high
    in just a thought... Comment by modhina
  • Ntheraw, you mean about explaining or teaching about the raw food thing? Can you explain a little more?
    in just a thought... Comment by modhina
  • I agree, so many times I would have had a better time going out with friends if they were a little more health concious. My issue is that people seem to drink so much, and honestly, I’m just not into it. There is still room for a lot of change as fa…
    in just a thought... Comment by modhina
  • I think there are lot of different reasons people become raw. I feel this change-finally too!!!!!!!! I don’t think it means we are more spiritual necessarili, obviously more concerned with what we eat, but some of us are hear for health, some for a…
    in just a thought... Comment by modhina
  • Yesterday in one of the b12 forums flybaby put a link up for a product that you can purchase that does this. It is for making saurkraut and kefir and anything fermented? I could have misunderstood.
  • Hey I bet that ginger limelemon mango juice just posted would helpl!! Really
    in migraines Comment by modhina
  • Like you I really don’t care to take them, unless I’ve had a surgery or something. For headaches which I have had, just can’t relate to the migraine thing, I fast a little, even just skip a meal or do juice, but mostly I down a lot of water, like ab…
    in migraines Comment by modhina
  • I had some food related issues for a long time, and honestly feel I have a better relationship now. I trust myself, and make mistakes, keep on and so on. I just want to say that after I ate and felt similar to that- I think my problem was probably w…
    in Detox needed! Comment by modhina
  • Hi germin8 Yesterday I read some interesting stuff on b12 by gabriel cousins-don’t have the link but type it in. Also the Linus Pauling institute had some measurements of b12 in seafood, don’t know much about it myself, but cousins’ site did seem t…
  • Hey smoothielove, I saw one and thought it looked fine, just the one I saw was like shortish and glass , like mostly blender so I was concerned about the chopping of veggies, but maybe it’s more blender and I also saw the all blender ones with the f…
    in Cuisinart Blender Comment by modhina
  • yes, thank you so much, I keep almonds and usually some other seeds soaking in the fridge. I also try to so the sprouting a day before I have time off to prepare crackers, breadsetc, which seems to keep my going. Living off of just lettuce and other…
    in food and time Comment by modhina
  • Blue Dolphin, thank you again for all of that infrmatn-very very helpful, I’m starting to get a ‘feeling’ for the sugars he is talking about-almost like I had something once or twice in my life that I can’t fully remember, and couldn’t get anymore, …
  • blue dolphin, could you break it down for me in reference to the link. I am very interested in this topic, as this is something my Grandmother suffers from greatly. I am afraid it is hereditary to some degree as I have always had some aching in my b…
  • Jerseyshoregirl, my heart goes out to you- sounds like you’ve really had a lot of challenges- stay positive and strong. Marichiesa- okay so they say no citrus, but think of all the berries you can eat!!!!!!!!berry pie, berry parfait, berry smoothies…
  • Dr.Gerson is ayurvedic in NY right? Nevermind, diff dr. I think.
  • Ha- yeah Svoboda, ayurveda one of the eight limbs of yoga- hatha or ashtanga yoga might also be a good idea I would think. I think it’s good you eat healthy tho. that no doubt will help you. god bless
  • Try some ayurvedic herbal stuff- sandalwood, cinnamon? You know who is great is Dr. Svoboda- he has written about this. My grandma has it and I have popping hips, my arms ache before it rains and it gets cold, I always know what the weather will be …
  • I do have some broccs to use uphmmm
    in Eye Whites Comment by modhina
  • raw broccoli- oh how I have tried
    in Eye Whites Comment by modhina
  • I think just being raw helps. I also noticed that when I first became raw- my eyes opened up alot-although I think I’m the only one who noticed.ha not really funny- Lately my eyes look very bloodshot in the whites during the day and at work the oth…
    in Eye Whites Comment by modhina
  • I bet the pineapple makes him sick because of the enzymes as I think someone else said in another forum. Steven Arlin is a body builder and raw foodist that has written books. The whole gorilla theory-building muscle, a lot of guys like that tend to…
    in UnRaw hubby Comment by modhina
  • The ‘sexy bitches like it raw’ make hemp seed milk on utube. Sorry I don’t have the link but try it.Maybe you could use cashews? Macadamia nuts something without the skins.
  • I dunno about that. Macadamias are high in oil. I have wondered about the soaking and leaching of vitamins and minerals. I love my almond milk tho. What about David Wolfe’s friend Steven Arlin? Doesn’t he have a lot of experience on this topic? See …