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  • first not too shabby! did have some pita chips tho shoot.. lol tomorrows another day to strive for 100!! :]
  • so farr lara bars i kno they arent reallllyyy raw but transition! and pineapple and apple!! :)
  • ok day 1 here goes nothin!! :] im having lots of fruit at the student dining center lol
  • heyy!! this is perfect i was planning on starting tomorrow anyways so walah!!! :D good luck to everybody ive just been on the vegan thing the past couple months so this should be interesting :]
  • drat. ate toast with strawberry jam just now!! haha i guess there could be worst things.... oops though. lol
  • hey hey hey havent been on here in awhile. but so far one week down back to normal!! YAY i feel sooo much better. its amazing how raw can seriously give your whole being like a 180. attitude, energy, body, and mind so much happier! love youuu all an…
  • things are going alot better!! worked out hard today and am getting back on track with raw. thank goodness!! haha i know where im coming for advice and support when i need it and thanks again! chelss :)
  • wow. thank you all for the kind words and advice. it helps with not only being raw, but my life situation in general. im so thankful for all the wonderful people in the world that will lend a hand to strangers in an effort to help. I love you all!! …
  • I eat lots of nanners because they’re the cheapest!! :)
  • it depends on who i’m talking to really. my immediate family knows i’m raw. my bro and sis are really into it and joke around with me about it all the time. my mom and dad don’t really care either way. but as for my aunts and grandmas etc. they are …
  • jeeq la weez. oops. god now my mom thinks my veganism is causing extreme diarrhea… great. lOl
  • Moth: Thanks hon! Maybe that is it. I have always been able to pretty much ignore combining rules… maybe it’s time to smart up about them! but yeah, it kept hurting all night and today I had to come home from school early and I just called in sick f…
  • frozen bananas. like everyday.
  • that would’ve been the website, not me. actually.
    in Raw raw raw! Comment by chelsey09
  • wow.
    in Raw raw raw! Comment by chelsey09
  • oh my goodness for me if i get cravings, it’s for some peanut buttter! and not the raw kind, because it’s too expensive for me! lOl. and i swear i could eat the whole jar… ;)
  • haha yup! they’ve had those at my coop for a while, and I’ve tried them all! My favorite would have to be the pumpkin something or other,, muy tasty! :) but now I’ve gone 811, and sadly don’t eat them as often… but definitely recommend them as well!…
  • I’ve also been getting heartburn pretty frequently, especially while working out. Not sure where it’s coming from but I want to know! Are there certain raw foods that can cause heartburn or no??
    in Heartburn Comment by chelsey09
  • Well I just wanna say, congratulations to your decision to go raw vegan stevio! Of course you’ll have slip ups along the way, but getting back on track is what matters! And it looks like you got a handle on it!! Good luck with everything!! :)
  • no I haven’t read that, but I am always looking for a good read, so I’ll have to try it! But added energy sounds really good to me right now, as I’ve recently been trying to up my workouts considerably.. When I very first went raw,(not too long ago!…
  • haha ya MicheleSS, 811 makes eating friggin salads just a little more difficult!! grr. I’m thinking green smoothies is how I’m gonna have to get them in..
  • MOTH: agreed. I’ve recently starting following the 811 diet, but am really having trouble with getting in my greens! For the same reason as you; I don’t like them plain. Now I’ve given up oils and vinegar, (bubye balsamic vinagrette!) and they just …
  • hehe gotta love ‘em! :)
  • haha yeah I was just telling my brother that a little earlier! lOl hmm. so I was just reading in another post by cavsman about hybridized fruits, and now I’m a little worried! But I don’t think I could give up my nanners, though!
  • I looove it. My diet is pretty much all from fruit, except a little nuts and greens. Plus, I just started reading 80/10/10, (got it in the mail today!) and have already learned a ton about the benefits of fruit. It is what we are designed to eat! So…
  • I’ve sang in a choir for about six years now, and love it! I’m looking forward to singing in college as well. I’ll start singing in my room, and realize later that’s it’s been like two hours! :) I love how with singing, you don’t need anything, just…
  • interesting…. you know, I eat onions on practicall every salad I eat. I love ‘em. But, I’ve been getting heartburn every time I eat them! Now I see I see! lOl. Well onions are out! Thanks for the link el-bo!! :)
    in fats? Comment by chelsey09
  • Love how you put that seize! I’ve never really thought about it that way. But yeah, I agree with all of you saying to be careful who you get your advice from. I believe the best judge of what you put in your body is you. Do what feels right. And rea…
    in fats? Comment by chelsey09
  • hahaha well glad i’m not the only one!! ;) like I get excited for my “usual.” hmmmm. but I’m in the mood for changing it up tomorrow! not sure what yet,though..
  • ohhhhhh… I know it’s so terrible and disgusting! :( I just hate the feeling of being powerless. just knowing that the majority of people still eat meat not realizing what’s going on!! and I hate how I feel like I’ve been brainwashed my whole life by…
    in soo sad. Comment by chelsey09