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  • When I started the entry, I forgot to say that my cholesterol reading was 223 recently. and I was suprised having had readings of 180 when I had the horrid teenager diet.
  • I guess a bite would be swollen. But are they bites....a bite next to your lips? I have had lips that were big perhaps from me having more water...but never uncomfortably swollen. I'm 44 years old.
  • I have heard the swine flu can come back in the imuno surpressed, and that's when it is life threatening. I don't know. Take care of yourself. I thought raw foodies don't get sick. I haven't; and I have been exposed to it.
  • And yes I do eat one or two bananas a day (just don't combine them with a starch or sugar or meat). I don't eat meat.
  • I have been at least 50% raw for not quite 3 years. I didn't lose any weight until recently. About two months ago, I started food combining. One of two days a week I get a mini break from it. I have lost 7 pounds. For two decades I ranged at 135 pou…
  • For health, a raw diet is the gold standard. It's difficult for many of us to maintain a 100% raw diet because we socialize with non-raw people and work. If one cannot be 100% raw (I'm not), the best thing to do is decide how to be high raw and what…
  • You haven't had it yet. Your still bloated. It's coming. If you don't take the birth control pills, you could get pregnant.....I love that show on Discovery "I didn't know I was pregnant."
  • I take 2 oregano oil pills a day. One of the posters already recommended oregano oil.
  • I have been oil pulling for 6 months. I haven't gotten sick in that time. And I have a lot of confidence that my mouth is as clean as it can be. I thought the metal taste was coming from something else I juice.
  • I have been 50/50 raw/cooked to 80/20. I have never seen anything like that come out of me. Wow! But yours came out after a couple of years being raw? My goodness. I think that is interesting. I am going to pose an evolution of the body question.
  • Wheat grass and parsnips make you expel parasites? Can anybody explain this for me? Thanks.
  • I think people who consume a lot of dairy have lower bone density. A lot of vegetarians consume extra dairy products. When I went mostly or a lot raw, my weight did not change but my size shrank. I'll assume I got denser, younger tissues perhaps den…
  • Some of the oxidation argument may be true. I am not a hungry hungry person, and I eat a lot of fruit. I am 44. I have found that whenever I switch what eat due to availability or revised logic, my skin often doesn't look as young in response. But i…
  • I read that oregano oil will take care of worms, parasites, fungus, yeast problems, and infections. I give one Solaray pill to my neighbor's black lab after I finish walking him each day. He has been taking it for about 7 months and looks much healt…
  • I am only 50/50 raw/cooked. I just try to eliminate chemicals from my diet and be kinder in what I eat. 100% raw foodists don't need deoderants. Dairy and meats cause people to stink (smell like an gorilla or onion). Though I don't really need a deo…
  • Young and not raw--it trailed out to 6 or 7 days 44 and raw-5 days with the first 2 being fast (won't say heavy, just too fast to be absorbed by pads) (no cramps or clots) where I have bled onto clothes and had to change multiple times
  • When I started raw two years ago, I started taking stevia to replace the Equal. I started getting very very bad night sweats which I figured were from my age. No. It was from the stevia. When I quit that to reduce over all chemicals, the hot flashin…
  • Eventually the mucus is less snotty. The time that takes depends on the percentage of raw you are and whether you are consuming milk.....one of the touted health benefits of being raw.
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  • I have had a pigment problem in the mustache area that started when I started juicing. I had green onions in my morning drink. Three weeks ago, I stopped the green onion and added one lemon. It appears that the discoloration is going away. It's abou…
  • I love this website. I love to see people who believe the same things as me, and eat in general in the same way. Breakfast: Melon/Lemon Smoothie (3 glasses) and a banana Lunch: Soup and plate of stir fry with egg rolls at chinese restaurant, or big …
  • Looking at your page, I see that you have recipes with a lot of night shades as well as nuts in your recipes. Nuts can cause problems for people as well. When I started raw, I was breaking out badly on my face for more than a year. When I eliminated…
  • I second Zinfandel's suggestion of getting rid of dairy and grains. Also I read that night shade plants are culprits related to some skin ailments. Night shade plants include white potatoes (sweet potatoes are not night shades), tomatoes and peppers…
  • Focusing on the scale can cause eating disorders. I recommend getting rid of your scale and focusing on health. Also focusing on gimmicky absolutes isn't good for your health. It's o.k. to be 80/20 or 50/50 or whatever raw/nonraw. The idea is to put…
  • I don't use supplements other than 2 oregano oil pills a day. And I oil pull. It is hard to say what exactly clears the skin because we start some things and stop other things at different times. For clear skin, I think the following is helpful 1. N…
  • Google root canal breast cancer meridian and you'll get information saying that it is the stomach meridian. Then you google using stomach meridian, one of the websites will mention that it is left upper molar or lower molars.
  • www.oilpulling.com http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/oil_pulling2.html I read about the root canals when I followed up one of the threads in here. I asked one of my friends who had had breast cancer if she had a rootcanal on one of her molar teeth…
  • That's interesting. I am going to read up on that.
  • If she speaks English and is interested in speaking to others who have cancer, you might suggest that she visit www.crazysexylife.com . At you tube there is a trailer of Kris Carr, the website originator's, cancer documentary "Crazy Sexy Cancer." Ra…
  • Eating raw will help the transport systems working the way they are suppose to--removing the toxins, feeding the skin. Don' take soy or milk. Both will make you snot up and acidify your body,
  • Take Oregano Oil pills. It'll take care of that and everything else. No kidding.