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  • i like being with myself more all the time..i socialize once every week or two now but only because i’ve been dating. otherwise i just call good friends once in awhile..occasionally we get togther..rarely now and i’m just fine with that..love them i…
  • all ty best to you mon46!
  • greens combine well with fruits ;) you can have them in your green smoothies..i digest them great!
  • aww waterbaby..i broke my hand in car accident few months ago.. i hear you, and hang in there.. soon you will feel much better ;)
    in Need some TLC!!! Comment by shansraw
  • yes i believe storm gets most of his B12 from the organic greens that he grows. I agree that you shouldn’t over wash or scrub organic greens or vegetables etc. People who have eaten raw vegan for many years successfully always seem to eat a lot of o…
    in Natural Diet? Comment by shansraw
  • Hi Stampy, Try adding more greens to your diet. Look for some green smoothies on here..they are delicious! I’ve been drinking a couple green smoothies for a few months now, and when I had my last blood test; it was perfect! I was always low on hemog…
    in Vitamins????? Comment by shansraw
  • yes..my parents don’t understand..especially after i lost weight. I’m slowly gaining back some. But thing is i feel awesome..never want to give this up. And occasionally people are bit rude. One lady asked me if I was anorexic..and I eat all the raw…
  • yayyyy veg..glad u made it into the challenge too
    in Join Raw Fu! Comment by shansraw
  • Hi Tamar, Did you get the invite I sent to your email for Raw Fu? My apologies I didn’t check this thread for a week or so.
  • hi Tamar..i’m in rawfu..but if you haven’t been invited yet..i would need your email address to invite you. :)
  • Hi Bitt, I have a permanent misalignment in my body from a severe car accident years ago. Couldn’t walk and was in a wheelchair, but I walk now..but get injured. However, I get lotss of help from a Bowen therapist. You might want to look into it. He…
  • yes you look great..and agree with others on here that health is the most important thing..its working for you..me too :)
    in Ugly duckling Comment by shansraw